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Impossible to forget; very memorable,
  1. Impossible to forget; very memorable
    • - that unforgettable first kiss

  1. impossible to forget
  2. (unforgettably) memorably: in a memorable manner; "Horowitz could play Chopin memorably"
  3. Unforgettable is a 1996 thriller with sci-fi elements, directed by John Dahl and starring Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino. The movie is about a man named David Krane (Liotta), who is obsessed with finding out who murdered his wife.
  4. Unforgettable is the debut album from Holland-based Pakistani Punjabi singer-songwriter Imran Khan. The album was released under Prestige Records on 27 July 2009. The album most notably contained Imran Khan's hit singles "Bewafa", "Amplifier", "Gora Gora Rang", and "Ni Nachleh". ...
  5. Unforgettable is an album by American jazz guitarist Joe Pass, released posthumously in 1998 (see 1998 in music).
  6. Unforgettable is the seventh solo album by Leroy Hutson.
  7. Unforgettable... with Love is a 1991 album by Natalie Cole, which focuses on covers of standards previously performed by Cole's father, Nat King Cole. Her uncle Ike Cole plays piano on the album.
  8. Unforgettable is the fourth book in The It Girl series, released in 2007. It was written by a ghostwriter with suggestions from Cecily von Ziegesar. Aimed toward young adults, it is a spin-off from the bestselling Gossip Girl series.
  9. Unforgettable is a four piece set celebrating the life of the late Tejano single Selena. On March 29, 2005, Unforgettable: Limited Edition was released. ...
  10. "Unforgettable" is a popular song written by Irving Gordon. The song's original working title was "Uncomparable". The music publishing company asked Irving to change it to "Unforgettable". The song was published in 1951.
  11. (The Unforgettables) The 1991–92 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team represented the University of Kentucky in NCAA competition in the 1991–92 season. Coached by Rick Pitino, the Wildcats were, then as now, a member of the Southeast Conference and played their home games at Rupp Arena.
  12. Which is very difficult to forget
  13. (unforgettableness) The state or condition of being unforgettable; outstanding memorableness
  14. (Limited Edition 2 CD Set) (2005)