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undertones, plural;
  1. A subdued or muted tone of sound or color
    • - they were talking in undertones
    • - a pallid undertone to her tanned skin
  2. An underlying quality or feeling
    • - the sexual undertones of most advertising

  1. a quiet or hushed tone of voice; "spoke in undertones"
  2. a subdued emotional quality underlying an utterance; implicit meaning
  3. a pale or subdued color
  4. (The Undertones) The Undertones are a punk rock/new wave band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1975.
  5. an auditory tone of low pitch or volume; an implied meaning; an undercurrent; a pale colour, or one seen underneath another colour
  6. (The Undertones) The Undertones originally started off as an advertising ploy by Mars in order to promote the Mars bar. After the success of the song "Mars Bar", the lads thought "Hi boys, we could do this fer a livin' (hi)". So, this prompted them to realease a string of singles. ...
  7. (Undertones) Copeland & Day (Boston), 1896.
  8. (Undertones) The subtle characteristics of the fragrance background.
  9. (Undertones) cool punk band from Northern Ireland, whose biggest hit (My Perfect Cousin - reached No 9 in April 1980) has a one line Subbuteo mention. ...
  10. In make-up terms, refers to cool or warm tones of the skin.
  11. the appearance of an underlying color tone in a thin ink film on white background or when viewed by transmitted light.
  12. Is a term used to refer to the tone of the skin, like warm or cool.
  13. Minor aroma and flavor components in a wine that help make up the bouquet and palate.
  14. the subtle underlying colour of a hue is its undertone. Interior colours are rarely pure. They are mixtures of many colours and the undertones that reflect that mix. For example olive is a green with an undertone of yellow.
  15. The property of a colour that can be seen when it is mixed with a large amount of white into a tint or spread very thin on a surface such as a watercolour wash therefore the stronger the undertone, the more pigment that is in the paint.
  16. The color of an ink or film due to light reflecting through it from the substrate. (e.g., The substrate may make the ink color appear lighter or darker, or offshade.).
  17. The temperature of a color. The coolness or warmth of it. Undertone is the color derived from taking five basic hues and adding blue or yellow. Blue undertone colors may be blue-green, or blue-red and warm undertones may be yellow-green or yellow-red. ...
  18. The color obtained when pigment is reduced with a large amount of white pigment and a faint subdued color can be seen through other colors.
  19. The undertone of a colour is visible when we spread the colour very thinly over a white surface. This can be done by scraping the colour over a surface or by thinning the colours dramatically. Certain colours, such as the Cadmiums and Cobalts, have similar masstones and undertones. ...
  20. An understated colour of partial strength that suggests to the dominant colour of a coating.
  21. The influence of the underlying pigment or other colors within a hue. A mouse gray has a warm undertone (yellow) and a steel gray has a cool undertone (blue).
  22. A light paint color.
  23. The more subtle nuances, aromas and flavors of wine.