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Able to be understood,
  1. Able to be understood
    • - though his accent was strange, the words were perfectly understandable
  2. To be expected; natural, reasonable, or forgivable
    • - such fears are understandable

  1. apprehensible: capable of being apprehended or understood
  2. (understandability) comprehensibility: the quality of comprehensible language or thought
  3. (understandably) intelligibly: in an intelligible manner; "the foreigner spoke to us quite intelligibly"
  4. Understanding (also called intellection) is a psychological process related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message whereby one is able to think about it and use concepts to deal adequately with that object.
  5. (understandability) The property of being understandable
  6. (understandability) The capability of the software product to enable the user to understand whether the software is suitable, and how it can be used for particular tasks and conditions of use. [ISO 9126] See also usability.
  7. (Understandability) A Framework characteristic of the information included in financial reports. The information and reports themselves should be easy to understand and follow a logical format.
  8. (Understandability) Clear and concise enough for users to perceive and comprehend. (Discussed in Concepts Statement 2 as amended by Concepts Statement 5)
  9. (Understandability) The term indicating that financial information is stated in terms that enable users to perceive its significance.
  10. Understandability is the concept that accounting information can be interpreted as it was intended by persons who possess reasonable business and economic understanding.    top
  11. the contents are clearly relevant, logical and, although demanding, are simple to complete and evaluate