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undergraduates, plural;
  1. Designed for or typical of undergraduates
    • - I'm taking undergraduate classes
  1. A student at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor's or equivalent degree

  1. a university student who has not yet received a first degree
  2. Undergraduate education is an education level taken prior to gaining a first degree (except for an associate's degree). ...
  3. (Undergraduates) wear a black stuff gown, with bell sleeves.
  4. A student enrolled in a four- or five-year bachelor's degree program, an associate degree program, or a vocational or technical program below the baccalaureate.
  5. Student working towards a first degree, higher education certificate or diploma or equivalent.
  6. a student who is undertaking their first qualification at university level.
  7. the name given to students who enter Higher Education to obtain a degree qualification.
  8. Someone studying for an undergraduate degree (usually a BA or BSc).
  9. Refers to a program of study, described as Bachelors Pass Degree, Bachelors Honours Degree Bachelors Graduate Entry, Diploma, Associate Diploma, and Advanced Certificate or other award program of the University designated as undergraduate.
  10. Incoming freshman and transfer students. Freshman students come to SUNY right after high school with no college credits. Transfer students come to SUNY with college credits as a result of having attended another postsecondary institution. ...
  11. An associate or bachelor's degree candidate or a description of such a candidate's courses. Once students have earned a bachelor's degree, they are eligible for entry to graduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels.
  12. describes the level of study which you can begin after completing high school, and includes a Bachelors degree, a Diploma, or a Certificate. ...
  13. A student who is studying for their first degree.
  14. A student enrolled in the years of college study prior to receiving a bachelor’s degree.
  15. study undertaken in order to gain an associate degree or bachelor degree.
  16. programmes of study are first degrees with or without eligibility to register to practice with a health or social care or veterinary statutory regulatory body, first degrees with qualified teacher status (QTS)/registration with the General Teaching Council (GTC), enhanced first degrees, first ...
  17. study undertaken towards a 'bachelor' degree, diploma or certificate. Compare with 'postgraduate'.
  18. A type of student. TODO: add more detail.
  19. Another word for bachelor's degree or 100 through 400 level courses.
  20. undergraduate programs of study include those leading to a bachelors or first professional degree as well as to diplomas and certificates below degree level.
  21. (literally: under the step) a member of the university who does not have a degree.
  22. Freshman-through-senior years of college work.
  23. An undergraduate is a student who is pursuing a certificate, associate's, or baccalaureate degree.
  24. Level of study that works towards the completion of a Bachelors (see above) degree. Once you have completed 3 years or 360 credits (see above) of study, you will be awarded a Bachelors degree and become a graduate.
  25. The primary level of study in a university, i.e., pursuing one’s first or bachelor’s degree.