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Relating to or affecting the navel or umbilical cord,
  1. Relating to or affecting the navel or umbilical cord
    • - the umbilical artery
  2. Extremely close; inseparable
    • - their umbilical attachment to the state
  3. (of a pipe, cable, etc.) Connecting someone or something to a source of essential supplies
    • - our standard dive gear, with 300-foot umbilical hoses

  1. relating to or resembling the umbilicus; "umbilical cord"
  2. umbilical cord: membranous duct connecting the fetus with the placenta
  3. relating to the navel or belly button.
  4. an assembly of steel tubes and/or thermoplastic hoses which can also include electrical cables or optic fibres used to control subsea structures from a platform or a vessel.
  5. in genealogy, referring to the straight maternal line of ancestry (child to mother to mother's mother to mother's mother's mother and so on)
  6. A servicing electrical or fluid line between the ground or tower and an uprighted rocket vehicle before launch.
  7. pertaining to the naval