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The action or skill of writing something by means of a typewriter or computer,
  1. The action or skill of writing something by means of a typewriter or computer
    • - they learned shorthand and typing
    • - typing errors
  2. Writing produced in such a way
    • - five pages of typing

  1. writing done with a typewriter
  2. Typing is the process of inputting text into a device, such as a typewriter, cell phone, computer, or a calculator, by pressing keys on a keyboard. It can be distinguished from other means of input, such as the use of pointing devices like the computer mouse, and text input via speech recognition.
  3. (Typed (programming languages)) In computer science, a type system may be defined as a tractable syntactic framework for classifying phrases according to the kinds of values they compute. A type system associates types with each computed value. ...
  4. Assigning or classification by type; the act of typing on a keyboard
  5. The enforcement of class^¤-based distinctions.
  6. This term is used when small amounts of metal are to be displaced in small groups or sections of a die or cavity. ...
  7. Educational game centering on building typing and keyboard skills. Examples: "Mavid Beacon Teaches Typing", "Dvorak on Typing", etc.
  8. (verb)- a skill rarely used, but if you needed to know how you took "Business Machines" and…you prayed for an electric typewriter!   To use a computer…you had to know how to use a punch card.