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turfs, plural; turves, plural;
  1. Force (someone) to leave somewhere
    • - they were turfed off the bus
  2. Cover (a patch of ground) with turf
    • - a turfed lawn
  1. Grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots
    • - they walked across the springy turf
  2. A piece of such grass and earth cut from the ground

  3. Peat used for fuel

  4. Horse racing or racecourses generally
    • - he spent his money gambling on the turf
  5. An area regarded as someone's personal territory; one's home ground
    • - the team will play Canada on their home turf this summer
  6. A person's sphere of influence or activity
    • - we're in similar businesses but we cover different turf

  1. surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots
  2. the territory claimed by a juvenile gang as its own
  3. range of jurisdiction or influence; "a bureaucracy...chiefly concerned with turf...and protecting the retirement system"
  4. Turf, in comics, may refer to: *Turf (Image Comics), a comic book from Image Comics written by Jonathan Ross, with art by Tommy Lee Edwards * Turf, a comics creator who worked on La Nef des Fous * Turf, a character from Malibu Comics * Turf, a character from Savage Dragon * "Turf", a storyline ...
  5. The Turf Tavern (or just "The Turf") is a popular but well-hidden historic public house in central Oxford, England. Its foundations date from the 13th century and the low beamed front bar area from the 17th. ...
  6. (Turfing) Turf dance is a form of street dance associated with hyphy music. The term, which originated as an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor, was created by the influential turf dancer Jeriel Bey; the dance form was originally known as “hittin’ it”. ...
  7. a layer of earth covered with grass; sod; a piece of such a layer cut from the soil and used to make a lawn; a sod of peat used as fuel; the territory claimed by a person, gang, etc. ...
  8. A soil covering of mowed vegetation, usually a turfgrass.
  9. To dream of a racing turf, signifies that you will have pleasure and wealth at your command, but your morals will be questioned by your most intimate friends. To see a green turf, indicates that interesting affairs will hold your attention.
  10. Type of life size Maze carved into grass or turf, where the walls are carved into the ground and you walk on the raised grassy area. Mazes of this type are usually unicursal Labyrinths.
  11. a racetrack that is grass instead of dirt or sand. Some horses run better on turf.
  12. A layer of grass cut with roots and soil, that can be used to roof a house.
  13. When overlapping choices exist, TURF analysis is a technique to optimize the choices so that reach and/or frequency are maximized. Originally, the TURF technique was developed to optimize media planning and scheduling, but TURF has also proved to be useful in selecting an optimal product line. ...
  14. Anywhere we canvass. Sometimes this refers to an entire canvass area, and sometimes it refers to an individual canvasser’s area.
  15. territory; a neighborhood; a place claimed as one's own.
  16. A ground cover of grass which can withstand reasonable traffic.
  17. This term is used interchangeably it seems, for real grass lawns, or artificial grass lawns. There are many varieties of artificial turf on the market today. Artificial grass lawn or ‘turf’ products are manufactured using a wide variety of materials. ...
  18. playing surface, usually a grass field; shorthand for artificial turf; AstroTurf.
  19. On the turf; persons who keep running horses, or attend and bet at horse-races, are said to be on the turf.
  20. The uppermost layer of soil containing roots of propagated grass.
  21. Send the patient to another service, such as transferring a patient on the medicine service to surgery. (Example: "I turfed her to surgery.")
  22. Grass track on the inside of the main track.
  23. grass as opposed to dirt racing surfaces; when capitalized in a sentence, denotes the entire racing industry.
  24. Vulgar term for an entire city or a smaller part of a town a Caintite can try to claim as his sphere of influence.
  25. A layer of matted earth formed by grass and plant roots.