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trimming, present participle; trimmed, past tense; trims, 3rd person singular present; trimmed, past participle;
  1. Neat and smart in appearance; in good order
    • - she kept her husband's clothes neat and trim
    • - a trim little villa
  2. (of a person or their body) Slim and fit
    • - she has a trim, athletic figure
  1. Make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts
    • - trim the grass using a sharp mower
  2. Cut off (irregular or unwanted parts)
    • - he was trimming the fat off some pork chops
  3. Reduce the size, amount, or number of (something, typically expenditure or costs)
    • - Congress had to decide which current defense programs should be trimmed
  4. (of a person) Lose weight; become slimmer
    • - he works on trimming down and eating right
  5. Firm up or lose weight from (a part of one's body)

  6. Decorate (something), typically with contrasting items or pieces of material
    • - a pair of black leather gloves trimmed with fake fur
  7. Adjust (sails) to take best advantage of the wind

  8. Adjust the forward and after drafts of (a vessel) by changing the distribution of weight on board, esp. cargo and ballast

  9. Stow (a bulk cargo) properly in a ship's hold by use of manual labor or machinery

  10. Keep or adjust the degree to which (an aircraft) can be maintained at a constant altitude without any control forces being present

  11. Adapt one's views to the prevailing political trends for personal advancement

  12. Get the better of (someone), typically by cheating them out of money

  13. Rebuke (someone) angrily

  1. Additional decoration, typically along the edges of something and in contrasting color or material
    • - suede sandals with gold trim
    • - we painted the buildings off-white with a blue trim
  2. Decorative additions to a vehicle, typically the upholstery or interior lining of a car

  3. An act of cutting off part of something in order to neaten it
    • - his hair needs a trim
  4. A short piece of film cut out during the final editing stage

  5. The state of being in good order or condition
    • - no one had been there for months—everything was out of trim
  6. The degree to which an aircraft can be maintained at a constant altitude without any control forces being present
    • - the pilot's only problem was the need to constantly readjust the trim
  7. The difference between a vessel's forward and after drafts, esp. as it affects its navigability

  1. pare: remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size; "pare one's fingernails"; "trim the photograph"; "trim lumber"
  2. a state of arrangement or appearance; "in good trim"
  3. spare: thin and fit; "the spare figure of a marathon runner"; "a body kept trim by exercise"
  4. trimming: a decoration or adornment on a garment; "the trimming on a hat"; "the trim on a shirt"
  5. decorate, as with ornaments; "trim the christmas tree"; "trim a shop window"
  6. shipshape: of places; characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder; "even the barn was shipshape"; "a trim little sailboat"
  7. In computing, a TRIM command allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive which blocks of data are no longer considered in use and can be wiped internally.
  8. Trim was a ship's cat that accompanied Matthew Flinders on his voyages to circumnavigate and map the coastline of Australia in 1801-03.
  9. Trim was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.
  10. In programming, trim or strip is a common string manipulation function which removes leading and trailing whitespace from a string.
  11. Trim or trimming in clothing and home decorating is applied ornament, such as gimp, passementerie, ribbon, ruffles, or, as a verb, to apply such ornament.
  12. The draft (or draught) of a ship's hull is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the thickness of the hull included; in the case of not being included the draft outline would be obtained. ...
  13. decoration; especially, decoration placed along edges or borders; a haircut, especially a moderate one to touch up an existing style; the manner in which something is equipped or adorned; especially, of a car; engaging in sexual intercourse; The fore-and-aft angle of the vessel to the water ...
  14. (Trimly) Cleverly, excellently, in a seemly manner.
  15. (Trimmed) Indicating that the pages have been cut down to a size smaller than when originally issued.
  16. (trimmed) A card that has been altered by cutting or shaving the edges. The most obvious reason for this is to improve the condition of corners, by removing the worn areas. Cards are also trimmed to correct centering problems. Cards that have been trimmed have very little value.
  17. (Trimmed) Count of sorted cars built into outbound trains.
  18. (Trimmed) Finfish on which the fins and tail have been removed.
  19. (Trimmed) the edges of a book are said to be trimmed when the edges of the larger (or projecting) laves only have been cut.
  20. (Trimmed) when vessel is stabilised by (a) levelling off cargo within each hold, and (b) stowing cargo throughout ship so that fore and aft drafts are practically the same.
  21. (trimmed) (50) [Obsolete] dressed up.
  22. (Trimming) The action of cutting loose thread, removing backing, etc., from the final embroidered product.
  23. (trimming) allows the leaves of the bound book to be turned. A sheet folded in quarto will have folds at the spine and also across the top, so the top folds must be trimmed away before the leaves can be turned. ...
  24. (Trimming) cutting paper after printing to make all sheets the same or a specified size. After binding printed papers, the head, foot, and edge of a book are often trimmed in a guillotine to make all the papes even. ...
  25. (Trimming) the action of getting your model to fly straight and level, with the transmitter sticks in their neutral positions and no input from you. More details here.