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trials, plural;
  1. Test (something, esp. a new product) to assess its suitability or performance
    • - all seeds are carefully trialed in a variety of growing conditions
  2. (of a horse, dog, or other animal) Compete in trials
    • - the pup trialed on Saturday
  1. A formal examination of evidence by a judge, typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings
    • - the newspaper accounts of the trial
    • - the editor was summoned to stand trial for libel
  2. A test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone or something
    • - clinical trials must establish whether the new hip replacements are working
  3. An athletic contest to test the ability of players eligible for selection to a team

  4. An event in which horses, dogs, or other animals compete or perform
    • - horse trials
  5. A person, thing, or situation that tests a person's endurance or forbearance
    • - the trials and tribulations of married life

  1. test: the act of testing something; "in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately"; "he called each flip of the coin a new trial"
  2. trying something to find out about it; "a sample for ten days free trial"; "a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain"
  3. test: the act of undergoing testing; "he survived the great test of battle"; "candidates must compete in a trial of skill"
  4. (law) the determination of a person's innocence or guilt by due process of law; "he had a fair trial and the jury found him guilty"; "most of these complaints are settled before they go to trial"
  5. (sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications; "the trials for the semifinals began yesterday"
  6. an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event; "his mother-in-law's visits were a great trial for him"; "life is full of tribulations"; "a visitation of the plague"
  7. In law, a trial is when parties to a dispute come together to present information (in the form of evidence) in a tribunal, a formal setting with the authority to adjudicate claims or disputes. One form of tribunal is a court. ...
  8. Trial is a 1955 American film directed by Mark Robson and written by Don Mankiewicz (novel and script). It stars Glenn Ford, Dorothy McGuire, Arthur Kennedy and Juano Hernandez. ...
  9. Trial is an American political straight edge hardcore punk band based in Seattle, Washington. The band was active from 1995 until 2000. ...
  10. In linguistics, grammatical number is a grammatical category of nouns, pronouns, and adjective and verb agreement that expresses count distinctions (such as "one", "two", or "three or more").
  11. The Trial was a ship that was seized by convicts and eventually wrecked on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia in 1816.
  12. The Trial (Der Prozeß) is a novel by Franz Kafka, first published in 1925. One of Kafka's best-known works, it tells the story of a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime never revealed either to him or the reader.
  13. an opportunity to test something out; a test; appearance at judicial court; a difficult experience; an annoying person; To carry out a series of tests on (a new product, procedure etc. ...
  14. (Trials) This is an event where the cyclists ride special bikes around an obstacle course. The object is not to put your foot down when going over and around these obstacles. This is the same as in motorcycle trails competitions.
  15. (TRIALS) The Baltimore Treatment Research in AIDS for Life and Survival , a CPCRA unit
  16. (Trials) A form of pairs duplicate game, usually of high competition level, played as round-robin tournament with small number of pairs (typically 16) playing relatively long matches (typically 16-32 boards). Usually scored in IMPs with conversion to Victory points.
  17. (Trials) A type of ATB bicycle or off-road motorcycle competition that tests riders not on speed but on ability to maintain balance while navigating around and over numerous obstacles such as rocks, trees, and steep, slippery terrain. ...
  18. (Trials) In the Christian life there are trials and temptations. Successfully overcoming these adversities produces maturity and strong character. Don't resent troubles when they come. Pray for wisdom; God will supply all that you will need to face persecution or adversity. ...
  19. (Trials) Individuals who ordered a short-term subscription to a magazine, newsletter, or continuity program. In list rental, trials are not equal to those who convert to customer status.
  20. (Trials) Internal school examinations
  21. (Trials) Preliminary race to obtain the fastest 8/16 swimmers by time to swim in the finals.
  22. (Trials) The Pizza Connection Trial (1985-1986)  · The Mafia Commission Trial (1985-1986)
  23. (Trials) Very skilled riding over obstacles. Usually slow-speed and very precise
  24. (trials) An amazing type of extremely technical off-road riding where gravity-defying daredevils "ride" over natural and man-made obstacles such as log piles and automobiles, all the while trying not to touch the ground with their feet (called a "dab").
  25. (trials) repeated measures taken from the same subject or participant.