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treasurers, plural;
  1. A person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of a society, company, local authority, or other body

  1. an officer charged with receiving and disbursing funds
  2. (treasurership) the position of treasurer
  3. A treasurer is the person responsible for running the treasury of an organization.
  4. The Treasurer (or Chancellor) in Ancient Egypt is the modern translation of the title imi-r ḫtmt (word by word: Overseer of the Seal or overseer of sealed things). ...
  5. The treasurer (Latin: magister tavernicorum, Hungarian: tárnok(mester), Slovak: taverník, German: Schatzmeister) or in full title main royal treasurer (tavernicorum regalium magister) was the supreme economic officer (a kind of finance minister) in the Kingdom of Hungary till 1848/1918.
  6. The Ministry of Finance is a portfolio in the Executive Council of Ontario commonly known as the cabinet. The Finance Minister is responsible for managing the fiscal, financial and related regulatory affairs of the Canadian province of Ontario. ...
  7. The corporate officer responsible for designing and implementing a firm's financing and investing activities.
  8. The officer who controls the entity's funds. The treasurer normally signs checks and is responsible for cash management.
  9. A very senior official (magnate TT ) in the king's personal retinue, who held high administrative functions within the empire and commanded a border province of strategic importance. ...
  10. An individual trustee who has specific responsibility for overseeing an NGO’s financial management and for bringing financial matters to the attention of the other trustees.
  11. The treasurer of the ASF is an officer of the corporation, and is responsible for managing the funds and assets of the Foundation, reporting tax information, and so on. The treasurer need not be a member of the Foundation, nor a director , though the role is often filled by someone who is.
  12. University Officer who is head of what used to be called the Financial Board.
  13. An elected officer who is the custodian of an organization's funds.
  14. who received all the common rents and revenues, and paid all ordinary expenses.
  15. Principal financial manager (cf. controller).
  16. The person responsible for all of the group's funds. He is responsible for keeping the books and making regular reports to the ExCom and the general members (via publication in the newsletter. Please keep your receipts.
  17. [T], PO > NDS, circles on palm of [B] + AGENT. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - treasurer.
  18. includes the treasurer and his assistants of each county or city or other officer designated by law to collect taxes in such county or city.
  19. Chief financial officer of the realm, and senior officer of the Exchequer.
  20. Is in charge of money collected from membership registrations, renewals and donations.
  21. Oversees the Lovett budget. Controls the Lovett checkbook and handles money requests at CC meetings.
  22. The corporate treasurer of the company, which is often a Board-appointed position. This person is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of corporate funds.
  23. Dr F (Francois) Viljoen, Nedbank
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