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trays, plural;
  1. A flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items

  1. an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
  2. A tray is a shallow platform designed for carrying things. It is larger than a salver, a diminutive version commonly used for lighter and smaller servings, and it can be fashioned from numerous materials, including silver, brass, sheet iron, wood, melamine, and papier-mâché. ...
  3. (Trays) Traying or "doing trays" refers to a driving technique that is similar to drifting. Trays are performed when a fast-food tray is placed under the rear tires and then engaging the handbrake. ...
  4. A small, typically rectangular or round, flat, rigid object upon which things are carried; A flat carrier for items being transported; The items on a full tray; A component of a device into which an item is placed for use in the device's operations; A notification area used for icons and alerts ...
  5. (Traying) Sledding down snow-covered hills on dining hall trays.
  6. (Trays) Eighteenth-century wooden serving trays were made in mahogany and other woods; inlaid oval examples in the Sheraton style replacing mahogany ones with pierced or brass-bound rims.
  7. (Trays) the means or method by which the telecommunications media can be distributed from the closet to the work station. It can be located beneath the floor, within or as part of the floor, between the floor and ceiling or as part of the ceiling.
  8. Trays are an ideal way to optimize use of the interior space, particularly when many small parts are involved. Trays can be stacked in multiple levels for easy access to individual parts. They can be lined with carpet, foam or foam fitted.
  9. To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly wasted, and surprises of unpleasant nature will shock you. If the trays seem to be filled with valuables, surprises will come in the shape of good fortune.
  10. The mounting structure used to secure the LRU in place, protect it from movement and electronically connect it to the aircraft system. The basic tray normally consists of the tray shell, front hold downs, connector plate and ARINC connector. ...
  11. The steel enclosure for the assembled battery cells.
  12. A plastic container comprised of many individual cells in which plants are grown.  Plants at Emory Knoll Farms are grown one species per 72 cell tray (i.e. 1 tray = 72 plants).
  13. a measurement used to describe a whole pizza. Usually used for the square or rectangular "barroom" pizza. "Should we get a small tray or a large? How much are yiz gonna eat?"
  14. A container consisting typically of a corrugated or chip board, low walled, open box wrapped with plastic film.
  15. a shallow, rectangular processing container for holding photographic chemicals.
  16. also called a ‘tote’, a plastic bin that holds bait, lobster, or anything on the boat that needs stowing.
  17. Flat, shallow container usually with slightly raised edges, used for holding objects. (See container)
  18. A cable tray is a unit or assembly of units or sections, and associated fittings, made of noncombustible materials forming a rigid structural system used to support cables.
  19. A large, flat serving piece with a raised edge, often made of silver, that usually contains decorative designs such as scrolls and can be engraved. Popular for award and gift applications.
  20. An open topped container, typically made from cartonboard or corrugated board and supplied to the user as a flat blank or pre-glued and folded.
  21. a multicavity package thermoformed from plastic that holds numerous parts or products. Trays are often used as standalone retail-store displays.
  22. A three-dimensional item consisting of a length, width and depth. Tray can be a fold over (like the front of a pizza box), lock corner (no mechanical fasteners needed) or slotted (staples or tape needed to make sides). ...
  23. A container used by the Postal Service and mailers to hold letters and First-Class Mail flats. It is used as a basic untit of mail quantity for purposes of preparing mail to qualify for discounted postage rates.
  24. Steel Housing for one or more 2-volt cells.
  25. In gas/liquid contact apparatus such as deaerators, trays are used to obtain contact between the two phases. Trays can be perforated (sieve trays) or be fitted with bubble caps. The word 'Plate' is sometimes used instead. See also Transfer Unit.