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Emotionally disturbing or distressing,
  1. Emotionally disturbing or distressing
    • - she was going through a traumatic divorce
  2. Relating to or causing psychological trauma

  3. Relating to or denoting physical injury

  1. of or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body
  2. psychologically painful;"few experiences are more traumatic than losing a child";
  3. (trauma) injury: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
  4. (trauma) an emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects
  5. (Trauma (1993 film)) Trauma is a 1993 film directed by Dario Argento who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film can be described as a giallo, that is a film with influences from the horror, mystery, and thriller genres.
  6. (Trauma (2004 film)) Trauma is a 2004 British psychological thriller directed by Marc Evans and written by Richard Smith.
  7. (Trauma (album)) Trauma is the seventh album by rapper/producer DJ Quik. It was released on 2005 and sold 100,000 copies through his own independent label Mad Science Records. The album peaked at #43 on the Billboard 200 music chart on October 1, 2005. ...
  8. (Trauma (band)) Trauma was an American power metal band. It was known as being the band of virtuoso Cliff Burton, before going to Metallica.
  9. (Trauma (comics)) Trauma (Terrence Ward) is a fictional comic book character. He is a teenage superhero in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe. Created by writer Dan Slott and artist Stefano Caselli, he first appeared in '''' #1 (April 2007).
  10. (Trauma (medicine)) Trauma or injury refers to any body damage due to a due a physical impact or accident. The degree of injury may range from mild to life and limb threatening.
  11. of, caused by, or causing trauma
  12. (trauma) Injury to the body, or an event that causes long-lasting mental or emotional damage.
  13. (Trauma) A wound or injury to living tissue.
  14. (trauma) a term derived from the Greek for "wound"; it refers to any bodily injury (see injury)
  15. (Trauma) Any injury, whether physically or emotionally inflicted. Medically, trauma refers to a serious or critical bodily injury or wound. Emotionally trauma refers to an experience that is emotionally painful, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects. ...
  16. (trauma) A disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury.
  17. (Trauma) Injury, physical or psychological, caused by shock, violence or abuse.
  18. (Trauma) Injury caused by accident.
  19. (Trauma) Injury caused by external force, chemical, temperature extremes, or poor tooth alignment
  20. (TRAUMA) A psychobiological reaction to a TRAUMATIC EVENT. Characterized by hyperarousal of the SNS, and with extreme threat, possibly also activating the PNS. Not all TRAUMATIC EVENTS lead to TRAUMA in all people. ...
  21. (TRAUMA) A disastrous or life-threatening event that can cause severe emotional distress, including dissociative symptoms and disorders.
  22. (TRAUMA) The physical damage to the tissues both hard and soft.
  23. (Trauma (Surgery)) Trauma surgeons treat the most severe, life-threatening, penetrating and blunt force injuries. A trauma surgeon operates on critical and often multiple injuries to different organ systems. ...
  24. (Trauma) (Medicine) A physical wound. External or internal injury. Also a state or condition resulting from this, e.g. shock.
  25. (Trauma) (a wound), a term borrowed from ancient Greek, was at first used in surgery to denote a violent injury from an external cause that breached the body's integrity. (Traumatism is used occasionally as a synonym, and occasionally to refer to any condition resulting from trauma. ...