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transported, past participle; transporting, present participle; transported, past tense; transports, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship
    • - the bulk of freight traffic was transported by truck
  2. Cause (someone) to feel that they are in another place or time
    • - for a moment she was transported to a warm summer garden on the night of a ball
  3. Overwhelm (someone) with a strong emotion, esp. joy
    • - she was transported with pleasure
  4. Send (a convict) to a penal colony

  1. A system or means of conveying people or goods from place to place by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship
    • - many possess their own forms of transport
    • - air transport
  2. The action of transporting something or the state of being transported
    • - the transport of crude oil
  3. A large vehicle, ship, or aircraft used to carry troops or stores

  4. A convict who was transported to a penal colony

  5. An overwhelmingly strong emotion
    • - art can send people into transports of delight

  1. conveyance: something that serves as a means of transportation
  2. move something or somebody around; usually over long distances
  3. an exchange of molecules (and their kinetic energy and momentum) across the boundary between adjacent layers of a fluid or across cell membranes
  4. move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body; "You must carry your camping gear"; "carry the suitcases to the car"; "This train is carrying nuclear waste"; "These pipes carry waste water into the river"
  5. transportation: the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
  6. enchant: hold spellbound
  7. Transport is a three-piece independent rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, made up of Keir Nuttall (guitar, vocals), Scott Saunders (bass, vocals) and Steve Pope (drums).
  8. The development of tribal areas in Himachal Pradesh is one of the major steps taken by the state government for its economic development. The border districts of Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti and the Pangi and Brahmour tehsils of Chamba districts are the major tribal areas of the state. ...
  9. A transport is a device that handles a particular physical storage medium (such as magnetic tape, audio CD, CD-R, or other type of recordable media) itself, and extracts or records the information to and from the medium, to (and from) an outboard set of processing electronics that the transport ...
  10. An SAP transport is a package which is used to transfer data from one SAP installation to another. This data can range from a simple printer driver to a whole SAP client. It can be considered as an "update", with the only difference being that SAP transports are made by the SAP users themselves.
  11. A troopship (also troop ship or troop transport or trooper) is a ship used to carry soldiers, either in peacetime or wartime. ...
  12. Transport is a sans serif typeface designed for road signs in the United Kingdom. It was created between 1957 and 1963 by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert , URL accessed 16 May 2006 as part of their work as designers for the Department of Transport's Anderson and Worboys committees.
  13. (Transportation (costs)) Assume two round trips to student's hometown per year for students in institutional housing or daily travel to and from your institution for commuter students.
  14. (“Transportation”) includes travel to and from school and between schools, travel in and around school buildings; and specialized equipment (such as special or adapted buses, lifts, and ramps), if required to provide special transportation for a child with a disability.
  15. (Transportation) Safari minibuses, safari cruisers, cars or four-wheel drive vehicles will be provided, according to the route and the number of participants. The right is reserved to employ the services of sub-contractors. English speaking driver guides are provided.
  16. (TRANSPORTATION) We make to our effort to ensure that our safari vehicles are provided in a roadworthy condition but we are not liable for breakdown, or any damage or delay. ...
  17. (Transportation) The means and aids for conveying people and goods. For example, resources describing roads, airports and airstrips, shipping routes, tunnels, railways and related assets.
  18. (Transportation) One of the Eight Wastes, Transportation is the physical movement of information or material.  Often caused by overproduction, poor planning and scheduling, and inefficient plant layouts.
  19. (7. Transportation) US has to transport the luggage of the Passengers like suitcases or bags (wardrobe and necessaries of life). The general liability of US is limited to intent or considerable carelessness. We urgently recommend to sign a suitable Assurance for yourself. ...
  20. (TRANSPORTATION) Airplane, Ship, Train, Under-ground Railway, Taxi, Bus, Car, Map,
  21. (TRANSPORTATION) All shipments, without exception, are FOB factory, unless we advise you otherwise at time of order placement This means that transfer of ownership occurs at the shipment. ...
  22. (TRANSPORTATION) An industrial category composed of establishments providing passenger and freight transportation services to the general public or other business enterprises.
  23. (TRANSPORTATION) Railways: total railway lines about 3,569 (1995). Highways: total 55,600 kilometers; paved roads, 20, 572 kilometers; unpaved roads, 35,028 kilometers (1992 estimates).
  24. (TRANSPORTATION) TIX shall not be held responsible for damages, for delays, cancellations or unavailability of public or private transportation caused by an act of God, by acts of war, riot, civil commotion, by an act of State, by strikes, fire, flood, restricted availability, or by the ...
  25. (TRANSPORTATION) The Shadowjet, a two-seated stealth fighter; and the Hawkcycle