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trams, plural;
  1. A trolley car

  2. A cable car

  3. A low four-wheeled cart or barrow used in coal mines

  1. tramway: a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers
  2. travel by tram
  3. tramcar: a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine; "a tramcar carries coal out of a coal mine"
  4. streetcar: a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity
  5. A tram, tramcar (British English), streetcar or trolley car (American English) is a railborne vehicle which - at least in parts of its route - runs on tracks in streets. ...
  6. Tram was a British musical duo composed of Paul Anderson and Nick Avery. Pioneers in the Slowcore movement, Tram was recognized for lush instrumentation played at a very slow pace. Tram recorded three albums, all of which were well received by fans and the music press. ...
  7. According to Gabriel A. Dover, TRAM is a genetic system that has features of Non-mendelian inheritance Turnover, copy number and functional Redundancy And Modulatory. ...
  8. A passenger vehicle for public use that runs on tracks in the road; A similar vehicle for carrying materials; To transport (material) by tram
  9. (tramming) A system that uses a quickdraw on the climber's harness clipped to the rope running between the top anchor and the base of the route; keeps the climber within reach of the rock while being lowered on overhanging or traversing routes
  10. Barrow-trams, the handles of a barrow.
  11. The largest aerial lift; the bus-size cabins can hold upwards of 100 passengers, and are most often used to cover long vertical distances.
  12. A low-speed transport for carrying people and luggage; often used where there are large parking lots such as at airports and amusement parks.
  13. a vehicle running on rails, carrying people or goods such as coal
  14. Public passenger vehicle running on rails (tramlines) along the streets.
  15. Narrow gauge rail car used to carry lumber.
  16. The TRAM procedure is used for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. The procedure takes a section of abdominal muscle, fat, and skin that is still attached to its blood supply (pedicled tram) and tunnels it up to the chest area. It is sewn in place to build a “breast mound”. ...
  17. Short for TRAnsputer Module, a form-factor devised by Inmos for the transputer.
  18. flap-transverse rectus abdominous myocubneous flap, a flap of tissue from the lower abdomen brought up to the breast area for reconstruction.
  19. n. A tram is very much like a train except it generally runs on tracks built on top of normal roads (the traffic has to be careful to avoid them) and is often powered electrically by high-strung cables (I mean ones on poles, not ones of an excitable dispisition). ...
  20. Toll-like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 2
  21. Tram is medium twisted thread formed by twisting 2 to 3 silk yarns together with low twists of l00 to l50 tpm (twists per meter). It is moderately strong, soft, has a good hand (feel), and is mostly used as weft.
  22. A Silk Weft Yarn Comprising Two Or More Threads Run Together And Then Twisted With 2 Or 4 Turns/cm.
  23. Original nickname for a HST set (possibly from the frequency of services operated by these units, also the double-ended design means one cannot immediately discern the direction of travel from a static shot).
  24. A small car used on a tramway.