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The commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest,
  1. The commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest

  1. the business of providing services to tourists; "Tourism is a major business in Bermuda"
  2. (tourist) someone who travels for pleasure
  3. Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty-four (24) hours and not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and ...
  4. Tourism: Songs from Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & Other Strange Places is the fourth album by Swedish pop duo Roxette. Released on 28 August 1992, it was recorded mostly during their Join the joyride world tour and is often mistaken for being a live album. ...
  5. (The Tourist (1925 film)) The Tourist is a 1925 comedy film directed by Fatty Arbuckle.
  6. (The Tourist (2007 film)) Deception is a 2008 drama/romance/thriller film, directed by Marcel Langenegger and written by Mark Bomback. It stars Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, and Michelle Williams. The film was released on April 25, 2008 in the United States.
  7. (The Tourist (novel)) The Tourist is an espionage novel written by Olen Steinhauer that was featured on The New York Times' list of best sellers. The story follows Milo Weaver, an agent with a secret branch of the CIA specializing in black ops known as the Tourists. ...
  8. (The Tourists) The Tourists (1977–1980) were a British power pop band, but are better known for two of their members (Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart) who went on to achieve great success as Eurythmics. ...
  9. the act of travelling or sightseeing, particularly away from one's home; collectively, the tourists visiting a place or landmark
  10. (Tourist) A cyclist who takes short or long excursions by bicycle, often carrying several bags containing clothing and camping equipment.
  11. (TOURIST) A person who has no creative input or involvement in SG, but who enjoys observing SG events and activities or acquiring official salvage artifacts.
  12. (The Tourist (reader comment addition)) The motorist who just drove into town from the suburbs, where bikes are a rarity. Upon spotting a bike on the street, they stop cold, mouth agape, unsure of what to do.
  13. (Tourist) A person unable to get anything done. Refers to Governor Tour Aryon's inability to accomplish anything. Deliberately confusing to visitors.
  14. (Tourist) A person who travels away from home, staying away for at least one night. A domestic tourist is from South Africa, while a regional tourist is from other parts of Africa. An international or overseas tourist is from other parts of the world. ...
  15. (Tourist) Describes a "guest" AW user, or a user that has not paid/registered for a citizenship.
  16. (Tourist) Discover Leicester Tour is an open top tour bus linking many of the Leicestershire tourist sites in and around the city. See
  17. (Tourist) More or less the same as the regular definition, but with the added meaning of someone who blasts into a scenic area, stays at a resort property and plays lots of golf. When they do hike, they head for the busiest trail wearing the latest gear and blabbing into a cel phone. ...
  18. (Tourist) Specifically, the name was given to all the various social degrees of the hobo and tramp in the world of “vagabonia.” Generally, a term applied to all hoboes, bums, tramps and vagrants world wide. “Tourist Union 63″ was established in 1897. ...
  19. (Tourist) To dream that you are a tourist, denotes that you will engage in some pleasurable affair which will take you away from your usual residence. To see tourists, indicates brisk but unsettled business and anxiety in love.
  20. (Tourist) is a person who travels for the sole purpose of sight seeing other places. People who travel for business, playing sports, or visiting relatives are not considered tourists.
  21. (Tourist) n.  A non-regular player, assumed to lack savvy.
  22. (Tourist) someone who has paid too much for their tickets, accommodations, and attractions and so feels that everyone they come into contact with is somehow responsible for their having a good time before they return to their home and career. ...
  23. (Tourist) this concept covers the following:
  24. (tourist) A cyclist who rides to enjoy the outdoors and see the sights versus hammering for time or competition.
  25. (tourist) Australian soldiers (1st Division), often known as "six bob a day tourists"