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Able to be endured,
  1. Able to be endured
    • - a stimulant to make life more tolerable
  2. Fairly good; mediocre
    • - he was fond of music and had a tolerable voice

  1. capable of being borne or endured; "the climate is at least tolerable"
  2. adequate: about average; acceptable; "more than adequate as a secretary"
  3. (tolerably) acceptably: in an acceptable (but not outstanding) manner; "she plays tennis tolerably"
  4. Tolerability is how tolerable in terms of side effects a medication is.
  5. (Tolerability) Ability of a drug to be tolerated by the patient. Tolerability is affected by adverse effects that can affect quality of life and willingness to continue treatment, although they are usually transient and not clinically significant.
  6. (Tolerability) How well a drug is handled by the body.
  7. (Tolerability) [of an intervention:] usually refers to medically less important (that is, without serious or permanent sequelae), but unpleasant adverse effects of drugs. ...
  8. (3. tolerably) تھوڑا سا۔ کچھ۔ قدرے۔ کسی قدر۔ (ایک حد تک)
  9. 1. In auditing, degree of acceptable misstatement in substantive testing without materially misstating the financial statements. A tolerable rate is the maximum deviation rate in tests of controls that is acceptable by the auditor in his or her assessment of control risk. Or 2. ...