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toilets, plural;
  1. Assist or supervise (someone, esp. an infant or invalid) in using a toilet

  1. A large bowl for urinating or defecating into, typically plumbed into a sewage system and with a flushing mechanism
    • - Liz heard the toilet flush
    • - my tenure was down the toilet
  2. A room, building, or cubicle containing one or more of these

  3. The process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance
    • - her toilet completed, she finally went back downstairs
  4. Denoting articles used in this process
    • - a bathroom cabinet stocked with toilet articles
  5. The cleansing of part of a person's body as a medical procedure

  1. a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
  2. a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  3. gutter: misfortune resulting in lost effort or money; "his career was in the gutter"; "all that work went down the sewer"; "pensions are in the toilet"
  4. the act of dressing and preparing yourself; "he made his morning toilet and went to breakfast"
  5. A toilet is a plumbing fixture primarily intended for the disposal of human excreta: urine and fecal matter. Additionally, vomit and menstrual waste are sometimes disposed of in toilets in some societies. ...
  6. Personal grooming; washing, dressing etc. [from 17th c.]; One's style of dressing; dress, outfit. [from 18th c.]; A dressing room. [from 19th c.]; Now specifically, a room or enclosed cubicle containing a lavatory, e.g., a bathroom or water closet (w.c. ...
  7. (Toilets) Queendom Gardens has 6 1st class toilets and bathroom facilities.
  8. (Toilets) You can use the toilets for quiet phone conversations but please go right inside the main toilet area rather than the lobby entrance to the toilets so you don't disturb other users.
  9. (Toilets) in Japan have very similar accessories as most toilets worldwide, including toilet paper, a toilet brush, a sink, etc. However, there are some Japan-specific accessories that are rarely found outside of Japan.
  10. Bathroom. I think this is what’s normal in Europe, but I’ll always prefer saying bathroom—less imagery involved there!
  11. All types of technical sanitation solutions, including flush toilets, pour flush toilets, ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines, pit latrines, etc.
  12. With the image of the toilet, the dream is referring to the natural process of the discharge of the undigested remains of problems which have already been worked through spiritually.
  13. A facility for the deposition of human waste through defecation or urination; includes both privies and water closets. Found in both Eastern-style and Western-style varieties.
  14. Same as in the U.S., but usually means the bathroom or restroom. Unlike Americans, Australians don't mind being perfectly frank and saying, "I'm going to the toilet." (And when do you ever see a bath in a public restroom?)
  15. A small room with a toilet, sink, and perhaps a mirror. Although most any British person will know what you’re asking for if you ask for a “restroom” or “bathroom”, I think it’s more polite and direct to just ask for a toilet instead. ...
  16. n.s. [toilette, Fr.] A dressing table.
  17. the room with the toilet in it.  If you ask to go to the ‘bathroom’ in Australia you may get shown the bathroom and find it doesn’t contain a toilet!
  18. (1) A plumbing fixture used to receive human wastes and flush them to a waste pipe. (2) A room that contains a water closet.
  19. Needing to relieve yourself of something; flushing unwanted aspects of self; wasted efforts / (see BATHROOM)
  20. A plumbing fixture used for the disposal of bodily waste. Toilets can come in different styles such as standard, elongated bowl, and a special handicap toilet that rests higher for easier access. In addition they can have different flush settings to conserve water. ...
  21. Privacy; release of tension; letting go of emotions, fantasies or desires which we need to discharge. See: Toilet.
  22. Vale lailai (valey lie lie)
  23. to dress and groom oneself
  24. A room where people go to the toilet (often known as WC)