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toes, plural;
  1. Push, touch, or kick (something) with one's toe
    • - he toed off his shoes and flexed his feet
  2. Strike (the ball) with the toe of the club

  3. Walk with the toes pointed in (or out)
    • - he toes out when he walks
  4. (of a pair of wheels) Converge (or diverge) slightly at the front
    • - on a turn, the inner wheel toes out more
  1. Any of the five digits at the end of the human foot
    • - he cut his big toe on a sharp stone
  2. Any of the digits of the foot of a quadruped or bird

  3. The part of an item of footwear that covers a person's toes

  4. The lower end, tip, or point of something, in particular

  5. The tip of the head of a golf club, furthest from the shaft

  6. The foot or base of a cliff, slope, or embankment

  7. A flattish portion at the foot of an otherwise steep curve on a graph

  8. A section of a rhizome or similar fleshy root from which a new plant may be propagated

  1. one of the digits of the foot
  2. walk so that the toes assume an indicated position or direction; "She toes inwards"
  3. drive obliquely; "toe a nail"
  4. the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes
  5. hit (a golf ball) with the toe of the club
  6. forepart of a hoof
  7. Datura is a genus of nine species of vespertine flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae. Its precise and natural distribution is uncertain, owing to its extensive cultivation and naturalization throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the globe. ...
  8. Toes are the digits of the foot of a tetrapod. Animal species such as cats that walk on their toes are described as being digitigrade. ...
  9. In automotive engineering, toe is the symmetric angle that each wheel makes with the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, as a function of static geometry, and kinematic and compliant effects. This can be contrasted with steer, which is the antisymmetric angle, i.e. ...
  10. Toe is a Japanese music group. While mentioned in many post-rock circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists.
  11. In geometry, the truncated octahedron is an Archimedean solid. It has 14 faces (8 regular hexagonal and 6 square), 36 edges, and 24 vertices. Since each of its faces has point symmetry the truncated octahedron is a zonohedron.
  12. (Toeing) Tippy toes describes the human body posture and locomotion of removing the heel(s) of one or both feet from the ground. ...
  13. Each of the five digits on the end of the foot; An equivalent part in an animal; That part of a shoe or sock covering the toe; Something resembling a toe, especially at the bottom or extreme end of something; An alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle with positive toe (or toe in) signifying ...
  14. (Toes (On the)) Meaning sprinting or ready for a quick start. The player who is "on his toes" all the time, is one ready to seize any opportunity.
  15. (Toes) Band member appendages (approximately 10 each) which must be up when marching forward and on which they march when going backward.
  16. (Toes) five in front and four behind.
  17. (toes) digital/phalangeal - 6 misses
  18. That part of the shackle which may be removed from the padlock body.
  19. the difference between the distance between the front left & right tire and the distance between the rear left & right tire. Toe-In means that the front of the tires are closer together than the rear. Toe-Out means that the rear of the tires are closer together than the front.
  20. To operate a rudder that's controlled by the foot.
  21. Looking at the car from the front, the amount the tires are turned in or out. If you imagine your feet to be the two front tires of a race car, standing with your toes together would represent toe-in. Standing with your heels together would represent toe-out.
  22. table(s) of organization and equipment
  23. The point of intersection between the bottom of a slope or the upstream or downstream face of a dam and the natural ground, for example, the upstream or downstream toe of a dam or the downstream toe of a landslide or debris fan. The junction of the face of a dam with the ground surface. ...
  24. That part of the club head at the opposite end to the heel.
  25. The lower, usually curved margin of the displaced material of a landslide, it is the most distant from the main scarp.