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Expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location),
  1. Expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location)
    • - walking down to the mall
    • - my first visit to Africa
  2. Expressing location, typically in relation to a specified point of reference
    • - forty miles to the south of the site
    • - place the cursor to the left of the first word
  3. Expressing a point reached at the end of a range or after a period of time
    • - a drop in profits from $105 million to around $75 million
    • - from 1938 to 1945
  4. (in telling the time) Before (the hour specified)
    • - it's five to ten
  5. Approaching or reaching (a particular condition)
    • - Christopher's expression changed from amazement to joy
    • - she was close to tears
  6. Expressing the result of a process or action
    • - smashed to smithereens
  7. Identifying the person or thing affected
    • - you were terribly unkind to her
  8. Identifying the recipient or intended recipient of something
    • - he wrote a heart-rending letter to the parents
    • - I am deeply grateful to my parents
  9. Identifying a particular relationship between one person and another
    • - he is married to Jan's cousin
    • - economic adviser to the president
  10. In various phrases indicating how something is related to something else (often followed by a noun without a determiner)
    • - made to order
    • - a prelude to disaster
  11. Indicating a rate of return on something, e.g., the distance traveled in exchange for fuel used, or an exchange rate that can be obtained in one currency for another
    • - it only does ten miles to the gallon
  12. Indicating the power (exponent) to which a number is raised
    • - ten to the minus thirty-three
  13. Indicating that two things are attached
    • - he had left his bike chained to a fence
    • - they are inextricably linked to this island
  14. Concerning or likely to concern (something, esp. something abstract)
    • - a threat to world peace
    • - a reference to Psalm 22:18
  15. Governing a phrase expressing someone's reaction to something
    • - to her astonishment, he smiled
  16. Used to introduce the second element in a comparison
    • - it's nothing to what it once was
Infinitive marker
  1. Used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive, in particular

  2. Expressing purpose or intention
    • - I set out to buy food
    • - we tried to help
    • - I am going to tell you a story
  3. Expressing an outcome, result, or consequence
    • - he was left to die
    • - he managed to escape
  4. Expressing a cause
    • - I'm sorry to hear that
  5. Indicating a desired or advisable action
    • - I'd love to go to France this summer
    • - we asked her to explain
    • - the leaflet explains how to start a recycling program
  6. Indicating a proposition that is known, believed, or reported about a specified person or thing
    • - a house that people believed to be haunted
  7. Forming a future tense with reference to the immediate future
    • - he was about to sing
  8. After a noun, indicating its function or purpose
    • - a chair to sit on
    • - something to eat
  9. After a phrase containing an ordinal number
    • - the first person to arrive
  10. Used without a verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood
    • - he asked her to come but she said she didn't want to
  1. So as to be closed or nearly closed
    • - he pulled the door to behind him

  1. .to is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the island kingdom of Tonga.
  2. To is a 1964 Danish film directed by Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt. It was entered into the 15th Berlin International Film Festival.
  3. To (play) is a poetry collection by Czesław Miłosz. It was first published in 2000.
  4. Common misspelling of too; Toward a closed, touching or engaging position; Into the wind; indicating destination In the direction of, and arriving at; Used to indicate purpose; Used to indicate result of action; Used after an adjective to indicate its application; Used to indicate ratios; ...
  5. The two-character ISO 3166 country code for TONGA.
  6. An orthosis (brace) that traverses the thoracic vertebrae.
  7. specifies the string that the character in the FROM variable is mapped to. TO is a character variable. ...
  8. the object of a link. We interpret here a Link to be a re-ified relation from a :Version to a :Content object. The relation is re-ified in order to add a :title relation to the link. This can probably usually be safely ignored
  9. Canyon Cinema, 145 Ninth Street #260, San Francisco, CA 94103
  10. The 3' extent of the range of a binding site. For example in a Delila instruction one might have get from 50 -10 to same +5; the range runs from -10 to +5.
  11. decide which one of a number of things, possibilities, people etc. that you want, because it is the best or most appropriate.”
  12. keep her upon the same Point; they say, Steady;
  13. doesn't mean anything. In fact, I don't know why we even have to as a word - it's probably left over from the British who like to insert dumb letters in American words. ...
  14. "To", "on", "by", "at" and "along" a road carry title to the center line unless otherwise qualified. "To" implies contact. "To" does not always include an object, as "to a certain property" does not include the property. But "to a stone" usually means "to the center of the stone". ...
  15. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient. You may send the listing to more than one e-mail address by separating e-mail addresses with a comma. This is a mandatory field.
  16. yomansi - a sauce made of a mixture of soy sauce and kalamansi
  17. 1-507, Horifune Jutaku Horifune 2-27-1 Kita Ku, Tokyo Japan. 114 - 0004
  18. num. two | n. the sound /t/ , the fourth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  19. fulfill the increasing demand from the newly elderly, many German public institutions offer service housing, This is the opportunity to rent or buy a small apartment in residential complexes furnished with shared environments which provide opportunity for performing indoor sport activities or ...
  20. Becalm : To render quiet or calm by intercepting the current of air in its passage to an object (e.g. the jib is becalmed by the foresail before the wind).
  21. pay a debt in installments until the total amount, including any interest, is paid.  Installments include principal and interest.  During the first few years, most of each payment is applied toward the interest owed. ...
  22. worm: To deprive a dog of something, nobody knows what, under his tongue, which is said to prevent him, nobody knows why, from running mad.
  23. old tuberculin; oral temperature; original tuberculin; target organ; telephone order; thoracic orthosis; thromboangiitis obliterans; thrombotic occlusion; tincture of opium; total obstruction; tracheoesophageal; treatment object; tubo-ovarian; turnover
  24. TOUCH WHERE? X,1-CL, THAT POINT. In the classifier, the NDH represents the curve and the DH represents a tangent to that curve. The hands are oriented so that they show the actual orientation of the line to the curve visually.
  25. (toe) n., Also:  to’ up.  From, torn up.  Disheveled, messed up, dirty, in disarray or disorder.  “That guy was to’.”  Used in:  To’ up from the flo’ up (“Torn up from the floor up.)” and To’ back (meaning “messed up.”)  [Etym., African American]