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tints, plural;
  1. Color (something) slightly; tinge
    • - her skin was tinted with delicate color
    • - a black car with tinted windows
  2. Dye (someone's hair) with a tint

  1. A shade or variety of color
    • - the sky was taking on an apricot tint
  2. An area of faint even color printed as a halftone, used for highlighting overprinted text

  3. A set of parallel engraved lines to give uniform shading

  4. A trace of something
    • - a tint of glamour
  5. An artificial dye for coloring the hair

  6. An application of such a substance
    • - peering into the mirror to see if any white hair showed after her last tint

  1. color lightly; "her greying hair was tinged blond"; "the leaves were tinged red in November"
  2. shade: a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color; "after several trials he mixed the shade of pink that she wanted"
  3. (tinting) the act of adding a tinge of color; "the hairdresser gave her hair a modest tinting"
  4. In color theory, a tint is the mixture of a color with white, which increases lightness, and a shade is the mixture of a color with black, which reduces lightness. Mixing a color with any neutral color, including black and white, reduces the chroma, or colorfulness, while the hue remains unchanged.
  5. Tint is an E.P. by the Japanese noise musician, Merzbow.
  6. A slight coloring; A pale or faint tinge of any color; especially, a variation of a color obtained by adding white (contrast shade); A color considered with reference to other very similar colors; as, red and blue are different colors, but two shades of scarlet are different tints; A shaded ...
  7. (Tinted) Glass with color is a tinted glass.
  8. (Tinted) Rather than the traditional black and white, many silent films Were originally exhibited with color tinting added to the prints. Scenes Were often colored to denote a some mood (yellow for daylight scenes, blue for night, etc.). ...
  9. Tinted lenses come in various colors and hues. What most people don't know is that the specific color one chooses for their eyewear allots specifically qualities other than just the color itself. For example, yellow tinted lenses can enhance contrast and mitigate glare. ...
  10. (Tinting) the final adjusting of a color of paint to the exact shade required. Tinting is achieved by adding small portions of colorant to a tint base of prepared paint.
  11. (tints) A shade of a single color or combined colors.
  12. (tints) Various even tone areas (strengths) of a solid color.
  13. (Tints) (JP)—Can be applied to glass and plastic lenses to provide an additional health benefit by reducing eyestrain. The color often is based on the consumer's preference.
  14. (Tints) A colloquial term for glass that has been specially colored to reduce glare from the sun
  15. (Tints) Any value less than 100% which is achieved using screens. The result is a lighter value of the colour being printed.
  16. (Tints) Dyes or treatments that add color to the plastic and high index lenses.
  17. (Tints) Mechanical shading in line areas, normally available in 5% steps from 5% to 95%.
  18. (Tints) Solid ink coverage on a label.
  19. (Tints) are available in a variety of colors for GP and soft lenses. These tints do not change the eye color.
  20. Screen tints are created by specifying percentages of solid (or flat) ink colors. Lighter, less dense colors and shading effects may be simulated by this uniform pattern of dots, similar to halftones. Tint also refers to the changing of a color's hue by adding color or extender to the ink.
  21. A halftone screen that contains all the same sized dots.
  22. Screening or adding white to a solid color for results of lightening that specific color.
  23. An individual pigment from a family of pigments used on a mixing machine to produce a color match to the vehicle to be painted.
  24. Color lightened with white added to it.
  25. Shades of white in a finished print, controlled by the color of the paper, varying from white to buff.