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timetables, plural;
  1. Schedule (something) to take place at a particular time
    • - German lessons were timetabled on Wednesday and Friday
  1. A chart showing the departure and arrival times of trains, buses, or planes

  2. A plan of times at which events are scheduled to take place, esp. toward a particular end
    • - the timetable for a military coup

  1. a schedule listing events and the times at which they will take place
  2. a schedule of times of arrivals and departures
  3. (TIMETABLES) consecutive time (usually in affirmative action, a timetable covers one year) during which the specific quantitative goals and objectives for that period are to be met and evaluations of progress made before beginning the subsequent timetable with its own specific goals and objectives.
  4. An online database of the courses being offered during a specific session, as activated by an academic unit, and including the description, sections, location, time of classes, and the names of professors for each course.
  5. A person’s or section’s timetable is the automatically generated set of scheduled classes for the person or section. Generated from the timetable schema.
  6. The time frame set for attaining measurable Goals in an affirmative action program.
  7. a printed brochure, book, or card consisting of tables that indicated the schedule times of arrival and departure at stations along one or more railroad routes
  8. The Timetable of Classes is an interactive data base accessed through Hokie Spa which can be used to search for courses according to campus, term, subject, course number, and section type. ...
  9. The delivery schedule and requirements for a new product promotion.
  10. The authority for the movement of regular trains subject to the rules. It may contain classified schedules and includes special instructions.
  11. A schedule of times. In business process modeling, timetables are typically associated with resources or costs. For resources, timetables indicate availability (such as Monday to Friday). ...
  12. Flight schedule published by an airline.
  13. When planning your courses for the semester, it is useful to plot the lectures, labs and tutorials for each course into a time-table to ensure there are no clashes.
  14. A table or schedule showing all the courses to be offered by the University during a specific term.
  15. Online or book course description with times.
  16. The academic schedule of available classes in a session. Available on-line only.
  17. The basic authority for train movements and the first level of regulation for all trains. Timetables set the timing and priority for trains, i.e. the timetable dictates the departure times and then, if times cannot be adhered to, which train should move first and which should wait for others.
  18. A publication with instructions on train, engine, or equipment movement.
  19. Semester 1, Tuesdays 2-4 pm
  20. A specified time frame, required in all affirmative action plans, within which an employer seeks to achieve established numerical employment goals.
  21. The table which shows the setup, dismantling and getting out of the fair place works that will be dealt with in the fair place with their exact dates and hours.