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Noun (plural)
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tights, plural;
  1. A woman's thin, close-fitting garment, typically made of nylon, cotton, or wool, covering the lower half of the body

  2. A similar garment worn by a dancer or acrobat

  1. skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls
  2. Tights are a kind of cloth leg garment, most often sheathing the body from about the waist to the feet with a more or less tight fit, hence the name.
  3. The Tights are an English punk rock band from Worcester. The band's only two singles were released by the Cherry Red Records label: "Bad Hearts" / "It" / "Cracked" (1978) and "Howard Hughes" / "China's Eternal" (1978). ...
  4. A close-fitting, sheer or non-sheer skin-tight garment worn principally by women and girls that covers the body completely from the waist down, usually including the feet; A similar, non-sheer garment worn by dancers of either sex, especially by ballet dancers; In blasting rock, a piece of ...
  5. A heavy, opaque one-piece garment from hip to toe worn with leotards for dance, exercise, etc. It is usually made with 40 denier yarn and over and is sometimes made of yarn other than nylon.
  6. nylon pantyhose (one-piece stockings and panties) for women's wear; derived as a truncation of skintight
  7. Leg wear constructed like pantyhose but made from heavier, opaque, printed, or woven patterns and fabrics.
  8. n. I'm getting rather out of my depth here but I understand (from other people!) that what we call tights Americans generally call panty-hose. Apparently tights in the US are more like child's coloured thin leggings and rarely worn. ...
  9. CLOTHES + (2h)[5] grasp legs tightly just above knees and pull up with effort.
  10. Sheer one-piece leg covering usually made of nylon.
  11. are nylons or stockings. Worn by woman of course. And some Tory politicians.
  12. n. 1. Hosiery, nylons or even tights.
  13. breeches or knee-breeches
  14. sabates Erraings: arrecades
  15. symbolize your intestines.