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tying, present participle; tied, past tense; ties, 3rd person singular present; tied, past participle;
  1. Attach or fasten (someone or something) with string or similar cord
    • - they tied Max to a chair
    • - her long hair was tied back in a bow
  2. Fasten (something) to or around someone or something by means of its strings or by forming the ends into a knot or bow
    • - Lewis tied on his apron
  3. Form (a string, ribbon, or lace) into a knot or bow
    • - Rick bent to tie his shoelaces
  4. Form (a knot or bow) in this way
    • - tie a knot in one end of the cotton
  5. Be fastened with a knot or bow
    • - a sarong that ties at the waist
  6. Restrict or limit (someone) to a particular situation, occupation, or place
    • - she didn't want to be like her mother, tied to a feckless man
  7. Connect; link
    • - self-respect is closely tied up with the esteem in which one is held by one's peers
  8. Hold together by a crosspiece or tie
    • - ceiling joists are used to tie the rafter feet
  9. Unite (written notes) by a tie

  10. Perform (two notes) as one unbroken note

  11. Achieve the same score or ranking as another competitor or team
    • - he tied for second in the league
    • - Toronto tied the score in the fourth inning
  1. A piece of string, cord, or the like used for fastening or tying something
    • - he tightened the tie of his robe
  2. A thing that unites or links people
    • - it is important that we keep family ties strong
  3. A thing that restricts someone's freedom of action
    • - some cities and merchants were freed from feudal ties
  4. A rod or beam holding parts of a structure together

  5. A wooden or concrete beam laid transversely under a railroad track to support it

  6. A curved line above or below two notes of the same pitch indicating that they are to be played for the combined duration of their time values

  7. A shoe tied with a lace

  8. A strip of material worn around the collar and tied in a knot at the front with the ends hanging down, typically forming part of a man's business or formal outfit

  9. A result in a game or other competitive situation in which two or more competitors or teams have the same score or ranking; a draw
    • - there was a tie for first place

  1. fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord; "They tied their victim to the chair"
  2. necktie: neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front; "he stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie"; "he wore a vest and tie"
  3. affiliation: a social or business relationship; "a valuable financial affiliation"; "he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team"; "many close associations with England"
  4. finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc.; "The teams drew a tie"
  5. equality of score in a contest
  6. limit or restrict to; "I am tied to UNIX"; "These big jets are tied to large airports"
  7. TiE (formerly The Indus Entrepreneurs) is a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. TiE has 54 chapters in 13 countries, with a total membership exceeding 13,000. ...
  8. Image:Wall tie.jpg|A much corroded fishtail wall tie. Image:Modernwalltie.JPG|A stainless steel wire wall tie of the type currently in use.
  9. The result in a game of cricket may be a win for one of the two teams playing, a draw or a tie. In the case of a limited overs game, the game can also end with no result. Which of these results applies, and how the result is expressed is governed by Law 21 of the Laws of cricket.
  10. To tie or draw is to finish a competition with identical or inconclusive results. The word "tie" is usually used in North America for sports such as American football. ...
  11. A tie is a structural component designed to resist tension. It is the opposite of a strut, which is designed to resist compression.
  12. A tie is a concept to bind a class skeleton to an implementing class. With this approach the class which should be invoked by a remote call, can be derived from a non-remoting class. Usually a tie class is used in middleware systems, to perform delegation from the skeleton to an implementing class.
  13. The situation in which one or more participants in a competition are placed equally; A piece of wire embedded in paper, strip of plastic with ratchets, or similar object which is wound around something and tightened; A strong connection between people or groups of people, a bond; The situation ...
  14. (tied) Connected; This word needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}
  15. (tying) Action of the verb to tie; ligature
  16. (Tied) A stamp is said to be tied to a cover when a postmark covers both the stamp and the cover, proving that the stamp belongs to the cover.
  17. (Tied) A bell with the clapper held in position (usually by a piece of wood) to stop it sounding. Beginners usually start with a tied bell while they get the basics of bell handling.
  18. (Tied) As used in surveying, monuments are tied together by measurements. A property corner is tied to offset monuments or to other property corners.
  19. (Tied) Positive radar contact with element/aircraft.
  20. (Tied) the number of goals is or was equal for both teams in a match.
  21. (tied) connected or linked (closely with)
  22. (TIES) A steel, galvanised or better stainless, link between inner and out skins (see cavity).
  23. (TIES) Bow tie – The accessory for a formal tuxedo, forms a bow at the neck and may be worn in black or white, depending on your style of wedding and personal color choice. Groomsmen may wear different colored ties, or choose the opposite or same as the groom.
  24. (TIES) Pieces of fabric or lengths of ribbon used in the largely (but not entirely) obsolete practice of tying a flag to its staff or mast. ...
  25. (Ties (Crossties)) Wood, concrete or steel cross members keeping the two rails in gauge, maintaining correct separation of the parallel tracks.