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textbooks, plural;
  1. Conforming to or corresponding to a standard or type that is prescribed or widely held by theorists
    • - he had the presence of mind to carry out a textbook emergency descent
  1. A book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject

  1. a book prepared for use in schools or colleges; "his economics textbook is in its tenth edition"; "the professor wrote the text that he assigned students to buy"
  2. casebook: according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook; typical; "a casebook schizophrenic"; "a textbook example"
  3. A textbook or coursebook (UK English) is a manual of instruction in any branch of study. Textbooks are produced according to the demands of educational institutions. ...
  4. With Love and Squalor is the major label debut album from rock band We Are Scientists. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2005 on Virgin Records and charted at #43, with a large cult following which enabled it to after nearly 6 months of release, gain a Gold certification by the BPI in ...
  5. (The Textbooks) The Text Books is a documentary (in five parts) by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh. It introduces the strength and weakness of the text books in Iran, the editors, experts and teachers explain their views and critic the current situation of these books in Iran.
  6. A coursebook, a formal manual of instruction in a specific subject, especially one for use in schools or colleges; Of or pertaining to textbooks or their style, especially in being dry and pedagogical; textbooky, textbooklike; Having the typical characteristics of some class of phenomenon
  7. Textbooks are just one part of a package of resource materials that includes: a scope and sequence, an educators’ manual with teaching strategies, a student book with content explanations and examples, and a practice workbook. ...
  8. (11. textbooks) designed to be used by students and teachers who are studying a specific topic
  9. (TEXTBOOKS) OPTION B: 0030560233/Vocabulary Workshop, Introductory ... 003064738X/Teaching Strategies for English Language 9.07 ... upon request by the school district adopting and implementing ...
  10. (Textbooks) Encyclopedia of Toadstools · Flesh-Eating Trees of the World · Goshawk's Guide to Herbology · Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean · One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi · Winogrand's Wonderous Water Plants
  11. (Textbooks) Low Prices and a Huge Selection
  12. (Textbooks) V. H. Heywood, Flowering Plants of the World, updated ed., 1993 (required)
  13. Most textbooks will have a vocabulary list as part of a lesson or chapter. Learn these. The subsequent lessons will use these words. Hopefully they have been selected to be useful to you.
  14. an edition of a book specifically intended for the use of students who are enrolled in a course of study or preparing for an examination on a subject or in an academic discipline, as distinct from the trade edition of the same title, sometimes published in conjunction with a workbook, lab manual ...
  15. Exploring Statistics, by Larry J. Kitchens, Second Edition. You will also need the accompanying Minitab Lab Manual (which is packaged with it in the bookstore).
  16. [A copy is on reserve in the UTEP Library under “Stat 1380/Lesser”]
  17. "Problem Solving With C++", by Savitch, Walter (Seventh Edition), Addison-Wesley, 2009.
  18. There will be no textbook for the class, and the software will be free..... :)
  19. Comprehensive college level textbooks are included with every instructor-taught course.
  20. Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs; 2nd edition, by D'Angelo and West
  21. Book Information through the DCB Bookstore.
  22. A collection of the knowledge, concepts, and principles of a selected topic or course.
  23. No textbook required.