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testimonies, plural;
  1. A formal written or spoken statement, esp. one given in a court of law

  2. Evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something
    • - his blackened finger was testimony to the fact that he had played in pain
  3. A public recounting of a religious conversion or experience

  4. A solemn protest or declaration

  1. a solemn statement made under oath
  2. an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact; "according to his own testimony he can't do it"
  3. something that serves as evidence; "his effort was testimony to his devotion"
  4. In law and in religion, testimony is a solemn attestation as to the truth of a matter.
  5. Testimony (Russian: Свидетельство) is a book that was published in October 1979 by the Russian musicologist Solomon Volkov. He claimed that it was the memoirs of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich. ...
  6. Testimony is the debut studio album of singer/songwriter Dana Glover.
  7. Testimony: The Story of Shostakovich is Tony Palmer's award winning film starring Ben Kingsley, based on the memoirs of Shostakovich (1906-1975) as dictated in the book Testimony (edited by Solomon Volkov, ISBN 0-87910-021-4) and filmed in Panavision. Some consider the book to be a fabrication.
  8. Testimony is a progressive rock concept album by Neal Morse. Released in 2003, this double-album is in five sections detailing the composer's life and conversion to Christianity . ...
  9. Testimony is the seventh studio album by singer Stella Parton. This is her third album since signing with Raptor Records. Coincidentally, it was released the same year as her older sister, superstar Dolly Parton's Backwoods Barbie. ...
  10. statements made by a witness in court; An account of first-hand experience; In a church service, a personal account, such as of one's conversion
  11. (Testimonies) Traditionally, Quakers developed a series of specific practices, often called testimonies, which expressed ethical conduct of truthfulness, simplicity, equality, and peace. ...
  12. (Testimonies) The cumulative lived witness of generations of Friends. Aspects of our witness on which most Friends can actually agree! They include (in alphabetical order) equality, peace, simplicity and truth.
  13. (TESTIMONIES) Public statements or witness based on our collective experience of revelation in meeting for worship.
  14. (Testimonies) Friends do not have a list of prohibitions or requirements that specify how they should behave in the world, but a long tradition of individual Friends' efforts to follow that Spirit which they encounter inwardly during worship as they conduct their outward lives has resulted in ...
  15. Quaker "testimonies" are not words, but actions. So, for example, the Peace Testimony is not a form of words, but the act of living without violence.
  16. Evidence presented orally by witnesses during trials or before grand juries.
  17. A solemn affirmation of some fact. In modern church tradition this frequently describes a public testimonial of thanksgiving to God for an answered prayer. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death" (Rev. ...
  18. Statements that witnesses make in court.
  19. A personal expression of one's convictions or beliefs about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  20. For purposes of this section, testimony is an individual’s statement given in writing (such as an affidavit or a declaration) or by appearance under oath at a proceeding.  The statement might be in response to a deposition or interrogatories.  Testimony is covered by 21 CFR 20.1.
  21. Any statement made before the court (including testimony taken at a deposition). In most cases this word refers to sworn verbal statements made by witnesses appearing in the courtroom to give evidence, however technically any statement made in a proceeding before the court is testimony. ...
  22. means a statement in any form, including personal appearances before a court or other legal tribunal, interviews, depositions, telephonic, televised, or videotaped statements or any responses given during discovery or similar proceedings, which response would involve more than the production of ...
  23. (1.) Witness or evidence (Th2 1:10). (2.) The Scriptures, as the revelation of God's will (Kg2 11:12; Psa 19:7; Psa 119:88; Isa 8:16, Isa 8:20). (3.) The altar raised by the Gadites and Reubenites (Jos 22:10).
  24. A testimony is any act that a Friend feels impelled to do to testify to the Truth and the Way. Originally, testimony meant vocal and other public witness offered by Friends. ...