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tenors, plural;
  1. The general meaning, sense, or content of something
    • - the general tenor of the debate
  2. The subject to which a metaphor refers, e.g., “a large, difficult challenge” conveyed by bear in this one is going to be a bear

  3. A settled or prevailing character or direction, esp. the course of a person's life or habits
    • - the even tenor of life in the kitchen was disrupted the following day
  4. The actual wording of a document

  5. The time that must elapse before a bill of exchange or promissory note becomes due for payment

  1. (of a musical instrument) intermediate between alto and baritone or bass; "a tenor sax"
  2. the adult male singing voice above baritone
  3. the pitch range of the highest male voice
  4. an adult male with a tenor voice
  5. a settled or prevailing or habitual course of a person's life; "nothing disturbed the even tenor of her ways"
  6. the general meaning or substance of an utterance; "although I disagreed with him I could follow the tenor of his argument"
  7. The tenor is a type of male singing voice and is the highest male voice within the modal register. The typical tenor voice lies between C3, the C one octave below middle C, to the A above middle C (A4) in choral music, and up to high C (C5) in solo work. ...
  8. In finance, a bond is a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the principal at a later date, termed maturity. ...
  9. * In systemic functional linguistics, the term tenor refers to the participants in a discourse, their relationships to each other, and their purposes.
  10. (Tenors (album)) Tenors is an album by David Murray released on the Japanese DIW label. It was released in 1988 and features six quartet performances by Murray with Fred Hopkins, Dave Burrell and Ralph Peterson Jr..
  11. Musical part or section that holds or performs the main melody, as opposed to the contratenor bassus and contratenor altus, who perform countermelodies; Musical range or section higher than bass and lower than alto; A person, instrument, or group that performs in the tenor (higher than bass ...
  12. Designation of a payment as being due at sight, a given number of days after sight, or a given number of days after date.
  13. Timbre tends to be light and flexible. Vocal range: B an octave below middle C, and up to high C or D (or above).
  14. Term or period of credit granted by the drawer. See Usance Bill.
  15. Time and date for payment of a draft.
  16. The length of time until a loan is due. For example, a loan is taken out with a two year tenor. After one year passes, the tenor of the loan is one year.
  17. In common usage, tenor refers to the course of thought, meaning or emotion in anything written or spoken. Among rhetoricians, however, the word tenor more specifically refers to the subject of a vehicle in a metaphorical statement. For instance, if a writer claimed, "Mrs. ...
  18. the second lowest of the standard four voice ranges (bass, tenor, alto, soprano)
  19. tenor [I45], sort [II10], manner [II51], por el propio - in the same way [II62]
  20. The lowest-pitched bell in a tower; this is almost always the heaviest.
  21. High bass notes, approximately in the octave immediately below middle C. Frequently used for countermelody parts or to reinforce the melody.
  22. a generic term for the nineteenth-century French tenor voice, eg Bizet’s Don José (Carmen).
  23. the highest of the male voices, the tenor has as many sub-categories as the soprano."
  24. The level of formality, etc. between two parties talking.
  25. one of the "C" clefs, which specifies that the fourth line from the bottom of the staff is designated as "C".