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tendons, plural;
  1. A flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone

  2. The hamstring of a quadruped

  1. a cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment
  2. A tendon (or sinew) is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone and is capable of withstanding tension. ...
  3. Tendon (particularly beef tendon) is used as a food in some Asian cuisines (often served at Yum Cha or Dim Sum restaurants). One popular dish is Suan Bao Niu Jin, where the tendon is marinated in garlic.
  4. (Tendons) used to attach bones to muscle
  5. Tendons are cord-like structures made of collagen that connect muscles to bones.
  6. tendons are fibrous cords that attach the muscles to the bones. They can be felt on the back of the hand and in the back of the knee.
  7. is the non-contractile unit that transmits the force of the muscle to the bone. Tendons connect muscles to bones.
  8. A fibrous cord by which a muscle is attached to a bone.
  9. The 'business end' of a muscle. This tough unyielding tissue allows a muscle (of varying length ) to excert its pull across a joint.
  10. The shaft of an anchor used to pull against the anchor plate to hold a structure.
  11. A tendon is the tissue that connects muscles to bones. If a tendon is stressed due to overuse or prolonged stress, it may develop a frictional inflamation or small tear, resulting in tendinitis.
  12. Cords of strong, white (collagen) elastic fibers that connect a muscle to a bone or other structure and transmit the forces generated by muscular contraction to the bones.
  13. In order to get problem tendon, you must do problem nine.
  14. Most muscles are wrapped in a wrapping which extends past the muscle cells and is attached to a bone. The term comes from the same root that gives us "tension". (Also "tendril", "tendency", "tenacity".) A tendon is mostly collagen. ...
  15. A bunch of parallel collagen fibers making up a bank of connective tissue that serves to attach a muscle to a bone.
  16. In pretensioned applications, the tendon is the pre-stressing steel. In post-tensioned applications, the tendon is a complete assembly consisting of anchorages, prestressing steel, and sheathing with coating for unbonded applications or ducts with grout for bonded applications.
  17. A tough, rope-like cord of fibrous tissue at both the origin and insertion of muscle. Tendons transmit forces of muscular contraction to cause motion across a joint.
  18. A Tension Element of a Tensegrity Structure
  19. A narrowed end of a muscle usually attached to a bone
  20. Pieces of tempura laid on rice in a bowl.
  21. Fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones and other parts.
  22. A brand of fibrous tissue forming the termination of a muscle and attaching the muscle to a bone.
  23. Band of strong fibers which connect muscle to bone.
  24. An extension of muscle that functions as an attachment between muscle and bone. Tendons are extremely strong, but not very capable of contracting.
  25. A steel element such as a wire, cable, bar, rod, or strand used to impart prestress to concrete when the element is tensioned.