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tenancies, plural;
  1. Possession of land or property as a tenant
    • - Holding took over the tenancy of the farm

  1. occupancy: an act of being a tenant or occupant
  2. A leasehold estate is an ownership of a temporary right to land or property in which a lessee or a tenant holds rights of real property by some form of title from a lessor or landlord.
  3. A Tenancy in the English legal system is a space for a barrister in a set of chambers.
  4. (The tenants) The Tenants is a 2005 film drama starring Dylan McDermott and Snoop Dogg. Screened at only one theatre, the film received harsh criticism due to what some critics discerned as anachronistic depictions of the racial tension between the principal characters and a lack of ...
  5. (The Tenants (band)) The Tenants are a band from Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. The band won Triple J Unearthed in 1998 with the song "You Shit Me To Tears", which went on to be voted #3 in the Triple J Hottest 100, 1999.
  6. The occupancy of property etc, under a lease, or by paying rent; The period of occupancy by a tenant; The property occupied by a tenant
  7. (Tenancies) Contracts to occupy or lease the property subject to rent. A lot may be sold subject to exisiting tenancy agreements.
  8. (Tenancies) These are estates in land and give a right of occupation in exchange for rent.  There are 4 main types of residential tenancies:
  9. (Tenants) People living in a property who do not own it.
  10. Tenants are granted a lease or tenancy agreement of the property by the landlord.
  11. Three tenants are invited to live with the Samsas to supplement their income. They are fussy and cannot stand dirtiness, eventually leading to the point when they discover Gregor's identity.
  12. The right to occupy a building or unit.
  13. A mode of holding ownership or interest in property.
  14. A holding of real estate under any kind of right of title.
  15. joint tenancy - equal ownership of property by two or more parties, each with the right of survivorship. ...
  16. The right to occupy a property under agreed terms and conditions.
  17. by the Entirety A form of ownership by husband and wife whereby each owns the entire property. In event of the death of one, the survivor owns the property without probate.
  18. A legal written agreement between a landlord and tenant that sets out the terms of the rental.
  19. A holding, as of land, by any kind of title, occupancy of land, a house or the like under a lease or on payment of rent or tenure.
  20. 1. Strictly speaking, the interest of a person holding property by any right or title. 2. More usually, an arrangement, whether by formal lease or informal agreement, whereby the owner (the landlord) allows another (the tenant) to take exclusive possession of land in consideration for rent, with ...
  21. The period for which you rent a property from a landlord.
  22. The right to use and possess property.  Contrast: OWNERSHIP.
  23. Occupancy of lands or tenements under a lease. A tenant for years had a tenancy of fixed length. A tenancy for lives was for the indefinite duration of the lives of a number of particular people. A tenant at will held a lease during the pleasure of the lessee.
  24. The ‘renting’ out of a section of a website by another brand who pays commission to this media owner for any revenue generated from this space e.g. dating services inside portals or bookstores inside online newspapers.
  25. The occupancy or holding of land or other real estate on a rental basis, with or without a written lease.