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televisions, plural;
  1. A system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment, information, and education

  2. The activity, profession, or medium of broadcasting on television
    • - neither of my children showed the merest inclination to follow me into television
    • - television news
  3. Television programs
    • - Dan was sitting on the sofa watching television
  4. A box-shaped device that receives television signals and reproduces them on a screen

  1. broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects; "she is a star of screen and video"; "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done" - Ernie Kovacs
  2. a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points
  3. television receiver: an electronic device that receives television signals and displays them on a screen; "the British call a tv set a telly"
  4. Television (TV) is a widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that are either monochromatic ("black and white") or color, usually accompanied by sound. ...
  5. Television is the eponymous third album by American art punk band Television. The album was released in 1992, fourteen years after the band's second studio album and subsequent break up in 1978. A video for "Call Mr. Lee" was filmed and aired on MTV to limited play.
  6. Television is an American rock band, formed in New York City in 1973. Although Television have never had more than a cult audience in their homeland, they have achieved significant commercial success in Europe. Today, they are widely regarded as one of the founders of punk and New Wave.
  7. An electronic communication medium that allows the transmission of real-time visual images, and often sound; A device for receiving television signals and displaying them in visual form; Collectively, the programs broadcast via the medium of television
  8. (Televisions) This entry gives the total number of television sets.
  9. The word "TV" is short for "television" which is made up of two words, "tele" and "vision." "Tele" is a word that means "from a far away place" and "vision" means "something that you see. ...
  10. (or TV) (from the Greek tele, meaning "far," and the Latin visio, meaning "sight") is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over long distances. ...
  11. TV Shows, Reviews, Awards, Secrets, Celebrities, ClassicsMore...
  12. In Search Of | Kolchak: Night Stalker | The X-files
  13. This word wouldn't be considered slang since there really is no other word on the reservation for TV. This is the only term used. It is only listed here for completeness.
  14. Commercials and stills are to be negotiated at the time of the booking and are quoted for twelve months on air for release in Australia only. Any time extensions or territories must be negotiated at the time of the booking. ...
  15. If you were watching television in your dream, what you were watching, and your dream attitude toward it, is of great importance - but so is how you were watching. Were you slumped in an armchair? ...
  16. Television is a powerful medium for appealing to mass audiences—it reaches people regardless of age, sex, income, or educational level. In addition, television offers sight and sound, and it makes dramatic and lifelike representations of people and products. ...
  17. A primitive time-wasting device whose function was perfected when the Internet became available. Its main remaining use is providing sneaker advertising at a bandwidth impossible over most current modem technology.
  18. 1) a technology for transmitting sound and images, and for transforming culture by distracting people from big questions; 2) a way of seeing the world, a vision of the world that focuses on the bottom line and the lowest common denominator.
  19. Provide on course assistance to both the network and satellite radio. Must walk a minimum of 9 holes.
  20. Dictatorship of the Single Image in force in all countries (see above, Universal culture). Bestows the freedom to watch the same images and listen to the same words. ...
  21. The transmission of pictures and sound by radio frequency or cable for public reception.
  22. Video display or monitor that contains its own tuner and is designed to reproduce broadcast images.
  24. The following is a list of quotations defining or giving opinions on television:
  25. A reflection of your inner drama; attempting to view life objectively; broadcasting your feelings / Something that is distracting you; being passive, not getting involved / What is playing on the television offers further clues