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synergies, plural;
  1. The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects
    • - the synergy between artist and record company

  1. the working together of two things (muscles or drugs for example) to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects
  2. Synergy in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.
  3. In computing, Synergy+ is a software application for sharing a keyboard and mouse between multiple computers. Synergy+ was a fork of the original version of Synergy, until the two projects merged in August 2010. Both Google Code and SourceForge. ...
  4. Christine Trelane, formerly known as Synergy is a fictional character in the Wildstorm universe. She was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi as a member of Stormwatch.
  5. Synergy is the first live album by Covenant, released as a stand alone CD in 2000, as well as a CD/VHS set by Dependent Records.
  6. Synergy is a 1999 studio album by jazz-fusion group Dave Weckl Band.
  7. Synergy is a corporation owned by the Government of Western Australia. It, Verve Energy, Horizon Power and Western Power were created in 2006 as a result of the break up (disaggregation) of Western Power Corporation. The corporation's official legal name is the "Electricity Retail Corporation". ...
  8. Behavior of a system that cannot be predicted by the behavior of its parts; Combined action; the combined healthy action of every organ of a particular system; as, the digestive synergy; An interaction between drugs where the effects are stronger than their mere sum; Benefits resulting from ...
  9. (Synergies) when compounds are combined and their effects are more than the sum of their individual effects; the compounds are said to have positive synergy. Many of the nootropic compounds have positive synergy effects with each other, they become synergistic.
  10. (Synergies) Additional savings or revenue growth when one combined enterprise is created from two or more separate parts.
  11. (Synergies) Clearwater's partners and their vast experience and resources provide real value to our other partners and their mainland and international clients and companies.
  12. (Synergies) Spontaneous contraction of latex gel, resulting in expression of serum to the surface.
  13. (Synergies) gains in revenues or cost savings resulting from takeovers and mergers, not resulting from firm size, i.e. stemming from a ‘natural match’ between two sets of assets.
  14. When two factors are combined, something can happen that doesn't happen with either of them separately. For example, with two-pack epoxy glue, the glue doesn't work until the two liquids are mixed. And nichrome alloy (steel, nickel, chromium) is tougher than any of its three component metals. ...
  15. A snazzy word that means nothing. Try cooperation, or help, or join.
  16. Each franchise brand has its own proprietary operating system perfected over many years and many thousands of customer transactions. ...
  17. The HP Synergy information manager feature brings your information from all the places it resides into one logical view. Applications that use Synergy include Calendar, Contacts, Messaging, and Email.
  18. How projects work together, avoiding duplication but creating partnerships by which the whole is greater that the parts.
  19. "behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the separately observed behaviors of any of the system's separate parts or any subassembly of the system's parts." (Buckminster Fuller)
  20. Combined action of two or more muscles to form a pattern of movement. [Click Here To Return To List]
  21. The combination of two separate media texts or products that share similar characteristics so that one helps market the other.
  22. A condition where the component instruments of a strategy have a greater beneficial effect than the sum of their parts
  23. Joint work; to work together; combined or cooperative energy or force.
  24. The force resulting from mutually cooperating action of separate units which together produce an effect greater than any component acting alone. "Win-win" concept in game theory. Contrast with "Zero-Sum." TOP^
  25. The combination of factors which each multiply the effects of the other(s) rather than merely adding to them.