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switchboards, plural;
  1. An installation for the manual control of telephone connections in an office, hotel, or other large building

  2. An apparatus for varying connections between electric circuits in other applications

  1. telephone central where circuits are completed with patchcords
  2. The electronic panel that is used to direct telephone calls to the desired recipient; A device that directs electricity from one source to another
  3. An apparatus consisting of suitable jacks and cords, or special manual switches to connect outlying telephone instruments together.
  4. A form which allows you to click buttons to perform actions or open selected forms and reports. A switchboard can have multiple pages, which look like separate forms.
  5. A panel or supports on which are placed the switches, controls and meters for the control of electrical machines and systems.
  6. This has absolutely nothing to do with telephones (at least not in this day and age), but rather the combined electrical switch and outlet ("power point") mounting plate that is located on the baseboard ("skirt board"). When the outlet is not in use, the switch is kept in the off position. ...
  7. A hierarchy of pages containing buttons that the user can click to open additional pages, display dialog boxes, present forms for viewing and entering data, preview and print reports, and initiate other activities.
  8. A large single panel, frame, or assembly of panels, having switches, overcurrent and other protective devices, buses, and usually instruments mounted on the face and/or back. ...