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The quality of being sweet,
  1. The quality of being sweet

  2. Used as an affectionate form of address, though often ironically
    • - I've just got to go, sweetness

  1. sweet: the taste experience when sugar dissolves in the mouth
  2. the property of tasting as if it contains sugar
  3. bouquet: a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
  4. pleasantness: the quality of giving pleasure; "he was charmed by the sweetness of her manner"; "the pleasantness of a cool breeze on a hot summer day"
  5. (sweet) having or denoting the characteristic taste of sugar
  6. (sweet) English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)
  7. Sweet is one of the five basic tastes and is almost universally regarded as a pleasurable experience. ...
  8. Fischerspooner is an electroclash duo and performance troupe formed in 1998 in New York. The name is a portmanteau of the founders' last names, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner. ...
  9. Walter Payton (July 25, 1954 – November 1, 1999) was an American football player who spent his entire professional career with the National Football League's Chicago Bears. Walter Payton was known around the NFL as "Sweetness". ...
  10. Light Blue Sun is the second album by violinist/vocalist Lili Haydn. It was released in 2003 by BMG Music.
  11. "Sweetness" is Misia's 5th single. It was released on November 25, 1999 simultaneously with Wasurenai Hibi. It peaked at #7 selling 92,290 copies on its first week.
  12. "Sweetness" is a single by Jimmy Eat World. It appeared on the 2001 album Bleed American. The song was featured on the soundtrack for the EA Sports video game NHL 2003.
  13. The condition of being sweet or sugary; A pleasant disposition; kindness
  14. (sweet) The basic taste sensation induced by sugar; A confection made from sugar, or high in sugar content; a candy; A food eaten for dessert; sweetheart; Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar; Having a taste of sugar; Containing a ...
  15. (sweeter) comparative form of sweet: more sweet
  16. (Sweet) Not strident or piercing. Delicate. Flat high-frequency response, low distortion. Lack of peaks in the response. Highs are extended to 15 or 20 kHz, but they are not bumped up. Often used when referring to cymbals, percussion, strings, and sibilant sounds.
  17. (SWEET (see also CLOYING, RICH, RIPE)) Refers to one of the four basic tastes detected by the sensory nerves of the human tongue. In the description of wine taste-flavour the term "sweet" is almost always used as an identifier denoting the presence of residual sugar and/or glycerin. ...
  18. (Sweet) A wine with a noticeable sense of sugar levels.^[2]
  19. (Sweet) Smooth and palatable coffee that is free from defects and harsh flavors.
  20. (Sweet) A coffee which is free from harshness.
  21. (Sweet) One of the four basic tastes; a mild coffee with fruity, caramel, or chocolate flavors.
  22. (sweet) A basic taste characterized by solutions of sugars (sucrose and glucose), alcohols, glycols, and some amino acids. perceived primarily by the tip of the tongue. A trade term to describe coffee free from harshness of Rio flavor or any form of damage.
  23. (Sweet) A mild, smooth, or fruity taste noticeable at the tip of the tongue.
  24. (Sweet) Usually indicates the presence of residual sugar, retained when grape sugar is not completely converted to alcohol. Even dry wines, however, may have an aroma of sweetness, the combination of intense fruit or ripeness. Considered a flaw if not properly balanced with acidity.
  25. (Sweet) A term applied not only to wines with significant residual sugar, such as fortified or dessert wines, but also to those with intense, thoroughly ripe fruit flavors, which can convey a sweet impression even though they may be technically dry.