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Swahili, plural;
  1. Of or relating to this language or to the people who are its native speakers

  1. A Bantu language widely used as a lingua franca in East Africa and having official status in several countries

  2. A member of a people of Zanzibar and nearby coastal regions, descendants of the original speakers of Swahili

  1. the most widely spoken Bantu languages; the official language of Kenya and Tanzania and widely used as a lingua franca in east and central Africa
  2. Swahili (or Kiswahili) is a Bantu language spoken by various ethnic groups that inhabit several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from northern Kenya to northern Mozambique, including the Comoros Islands. ...
  3. Swahili people, or Waswahili, are an ethnic group living chiefly on the Swahili Coast of East Africa, mainly the coastal regions and the islands of Kenya and Tanzania, and north Mozambique. The name Swahili is derived from the Arabic word Sawahil, meaning "coastal dwellers". ...
  4. and many other languages have a gender system in which the relationship between the logical category of an object and its grammatical gender is specified to a much greater degree. ...
  5. adjective, of the Swahili people or region.
  6. Bantu language with Arabic loanwords spoken in coastal regions of East Africa. (p. 542)
  7. (also called Kiswahili; see below for derivation) is a Bantu language of the Sabaki subgroup of Northeastern Coast Bantu languages. ...
  8. Dictionary project to translate Swahili to English.
  9. Swahili was an African language and society that developed along the coast of East Africa. As a result of foreign trade, Swahili was a mix of African, Arab, and Asian culture. The language itself incorporated both Arab and Bantu words. ...