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surcharges, plural;
  1. Exact an additional charge or payment from
    • - retailers will be able to surcharge credit-card users
  2. Mark (a postage stamp) with a surcharge

  1. An additional charge or payment
    • - we guarantee that no surcharges will be added to the cost of your trip
  2. A charge made by assessors as a penalty for false returns of taxable property

  3. The showing of an omission in an account for which credit should have been given

  4. A mark printed on a postage stamp changing its value

  1. an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill)
  2. charge an extra fee, as for a special service
  3. overcharge: rip off; ask an unreasonable price
  4. fill to capacity with people; "The air raids had surcharged the emergency wards"
  5. print a new denomination on a stamp or a banknote
  6. fill to an excessive degree; "The air was surcharged with tension"
  7. In the United Kingdom a public servant, for example a local government officer, who has unlawfully spent public funds, or caused loss to a public authority through misconduct may be surcharged to recover public money. ...
  8. (Surcharges) An overprint is the addition of text (and sometimes graphics) to the face of a postage stamp or banknote after it has been printed (although some overprints are solely in the selvedge area of souvenir sheets). ...
  9. An addition of extra charge on the agreed or stated price; An excessive price charged e.g. from an unsuspecting customer; An overprint on a stamp that alters (usually raises) the original nominal value of the stamp; used especially in times of hyperinflation; A charge that has been omitted ...
  10. (Surcharged) One charge placed upon or within another.
  11. (surcharges) Any additional charges to a merchant’s standard processing fees. They are a result of non-qualified transactions of different communications methods.
  12. (Surcharges) The quotation given is based on operating costs at the date of the quotation. When more than 28 days elapse between the date of the quotation and the date of departure, the company reserve the right to pass on to the hirer any increase in the cost of fuel or any other increased ...
  13. (4. Surcharges) Quoted tour prices include planning, handling and operational charges, and are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes as of February 2005. ...
  14. (SURCHARGES) Rates applied to recover unfunded costs incurred for services to non DoD federal, private party, and FMS customers.
  15. (Surcharges) A 50% surcharge for Christmas Day and New Years Day may apply. A 3% charge will apply on all credit card payments
  16. (Surcharges) Charges other than the rate charged for shipping. Types of surcharges could be to cover fuel costs, shipment handling, insurance, security, dangerous goods handling, etc.
  17. (Surcharges) Extra costs involved
  18. (Surcharges) Fees charged by commercial information services, in addition to the regular monthly fee, for special Internet accesss or premium services.
  19. (Surcharges) some parts carry a surcharge which is payable at the time of purchase, this will be credited when the old unit is returned. For more details speak with the parts interpreters on Lo-Call: 0845 60 50 404.
  20. Surcharges for provision of auxiliary aids and services, barrier removal, alternatives to barrier removal or other modifications to provide an equal opportunity to people with disabilities are prohibited.
  21. An extra charge applied by the insurer. For automobile insurance, a surcharge is usually for accidents or moving violations.
  22. Increase in premium amount according to perils.
  23. An extra charge placed on an item, the revenue of which is usually earmarked for a specific fund. It has been the recent practice of the United States Congress to place a surcharge on commemorative coins, sometimes to benefit a worthy organization.
  24. A stated dollar amount paid to the dentist by the beneficiary, in addition to other reimbursement received by third-party payer(s).
  25. An extra charge imposed on those who purchase with a credit card instead of cash. (Currently, surcharges for credit card purchases are prohibited.)