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supervised, past tense; supervised, past participle; supervises, 3rd person singular present; supervising, present participle;
  1. Observe and direct the execution of (a task, project, or activity)
    • - the sergeant left to supervise the loading of the trucks
  2. Observe and direct the work of (someone)
    • - nurses were supervised by a consulting psychiatrist
  3. Keep watch over (someone) in the interest of their or others' security
    • - prisoners were supervised by two officers

  1. oversee: watch and direct; "Who is overseeing this project?"
  2. monitor: keep tabs on; keep an eye on; keep under surveillance; "we are monitoring the air quality"; "the police monitor the suspect's moves"
  3. (supervised) under observation or under the direction of a superintendent or overseer; "supervised play"
  4. (supervision) management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group
  5. (Supervision (comics)) Bridget Flynn is a fictional comic book superhero, a member of the superhero team Dynamo 5, which appears in the monthly series of the same name from Image Comics. Created by writer Jay Faerber and artist Mahmud A. ...
  6. (Supervision (handheld game console)) The Watara Supervision (also known as the Quickshot Supervision in the UK) is a monochrome handheld game console, originating from Asia, and introduced in 1992 as a cut-price competitor for Nintendo's Game Boy. ...
  7. To direct, manage, or oversee; to be in charge
  8. (supervision) The act or instance of supervising; Responsible oversight
  9. (SUPERVISED) A term which refers to an alarm circuit that when cut or tampered with will initiate a fault or trouble signal to alert the builidng occupants.
  10. (Supervised) A general technique that uses information derived from a few areas of known identity to classify unknown pixels in the remaining image.
  11. (Supervised) In wireless technology, it is a system of keeping track of all transmitters that are programmed into a panel and their status.
  12. (Supervised) Is a learner which obtains both samples data and targets within a training dataset.
  13. (supervising) The ability to establish procedures for monitoring and regulating processes, tasks, or activities of employees and one's own job, taking actions to monitor the results of delegated tasks or projects.
  14. (Supervision) The necessary education, assistance, and control provided by one or more journey-level employees who is on the same job site at least 75 percent of each working day, unless otherwise approved by DAT.
  15. (Supervision) n. Teaching and discussion session.
  16. (5 Supervision) 5.1 The Client acknowledges that the Company does not have the obligation (or the opportunity) to supervise, direct or control the manner, time or place of any Worker’s work. ...
  17. (SUPERVISION) A responsible adult MUST supervise children at all times. If an adult is not present we can provide an on site attendant at an additional charge.
  18. (SUPERVISION) Anyone who has lived with parrots knows that they are an accident waiting to happen. Well-socialized parrots are curious explorers who want to touch everything with their beak, sometimes using that beak to chew on things that they shouldn't chew on. ...
  19. (Supervision (Stephen Ministry Small Group Peer Supervision)) As part of their deep commitment to quality Christian caregiving, trained Stephen Ministers participate in twice-monthly Small Group Peer Supervision. ...
  20. (Supervision) A learning experience in which a professional/service provider meets regularly with an experienced infant mental health professional to examine professional and personal thoughts and feelings in relationship to work in the infant and family field.
  21. (Supervision) A process in which the legally responsible organisation (cooperating institution or IFAD itself) administers the loan, periodically reviews progress towards objectives, identifies key obstacles, helps find workable solutions and makes strategic changes, as required.
  22. (Supervision) In the context of Postgraduate Research Studies, supervision is the process of overseeing, supporting and helping to direct the work of a research student. This is undertaken by a more senior academic with appropriate qualifications for the role.
  23. (Supervision) Process whereby the licensee visits the adoptive home during the probation period, to see if the child is adjusting well and to give advice and support.
  24. (Supervision) Refers to the provision of both formal and informal constructive feedback through observation, regular scheduled student supervision sessions, the facilitation of self-evaluation and reflective practices and provision of performance evaluation.
  25. (Supervision) The act of providing guidance, oversight, or shared responsibility in the work or tasks of another in a work, professional, or personal context. In early childhood mental health consultation, a mental health consultant may experience: