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subsides, 3rd person singular present; subsided, past tense; subsided, past participle; subsiding, present participle;
  1. Become less intense, violent, or severe
    • - I'll wait a few minutes until the storm subsides
  2. Lapse into silence or inactivity
    • - Fred opened his mouth to protest again, then subsided
  3. (of water) Go down to a lower or the normal level
    • - the floods subside almost as quickly as they arise
  4. (of the ground) Cave in; sink
    • - the island is subsiding
  5. (of a swelling) Reduce until gone
    • - it took seven days for the swelling to subside completely

  1. wear off or die down; "The pain subsided"
  2. sink to a lower level or form a depression; "the valleys subside"
  3. sink down or precipitate; "the mud subsides when the waters become calm"
  4. sink: descend into or as if into some soft substance or place; "He sank into bed"; "She subsided into the chair"
  5. (subsiding) settling: a gradual sinking to a lower level
  6. To sink or fall to the bottom; to settle, as lees; To tend downward; to become lower; to descend; to sink; To fall into a state of quiet; to cease to rage; to be [calmed]; to settle down; to become tranquil; to abate
  7. (subsided) became less excited; calmed down
  8. s&b-'sId/   - to let oneself settle down; to become quiet, less active, or less violent
  9. to settle down; wear off; lessen