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streamlines, 3rd person singular present; streamlining, present participle; streamlined, past tense; streamlined, past participle;
  1. (of fluid flow) Free from turbulence

  2. Having a streamlined shape
    • - a streamline airplane
  1. Design or provide with a form that presents very little resistance to a flow of air or water, increasing speed and ease of movement
    • - streamlined passenger trains
  2. Make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods
    • - the company streamlined its operations by removing whole layers of management
  1. A line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent

  1. contour economically or efficiently
  2. (streamlined) made efficient by stripping off nonessentials; "short streamlined meetings"; "a streamlined hiring process"
  3. Streamline is the fourth studio album by drummer Lenny White, released in 1977 on Elektra Records.
  4. Streamline is an American rock band originally from Rochester, New York. They have released two independent EPs. The band consists of Mike Hogan, Brian Ireland, Brad Ourso, Jon Scholl and John Viavattine. ...
  5. Fluid flow is characterized by a velocity vector field in three-dimensional space, within the framework of continuum mechanics. Streamlines, streaklines and pathlines are field lines resulting from this vector field description of the flow. ...
  6. Streamline' is a studio album by Lee Greenwood released on August 5, 1985. It was number one on US Country charts.
  7. "Streamline" is a song composed by a Spanish band called Newton. It was released in 1994 and its style is Makina. When the song was released, it was only famous in Spain and some Latin American countries like Mexico. ...
  8. Used most typically in competitive swimming, the streamline position is the position a swimmer takes underwater after pushing off a pool wall. To streamline, a swimmer must tuck the head into the collar bone, pointing both arms straight ahead in a tight line. ...
  9. A line that is tangent to the velocity of flow of a fluid; equivalent to the path of a specific particle in that flow; On a weather chart, a line that is tangent to the flow of the wind; To design and construct the contours of a vehicle etc. ...
  10. (streamlined) Designed to offer little resistance to the flow of fluid, especially by having sleek, graceful lines; Having been made more simple and straight forward
  11. (streamlined) having a body that can move easily through the water
  12. (Streamlined) A simplified design to reduce resistance while moving through water or air.
  13. (Streamlined) Travelling light with little to no baggage or gear. Streamliners are often mistrusted, since other tramps expect them to mooch.
  14. (Streamlined) Von Löwen Designs. Linear, uncluttered kitchen design, remodeling and styling detail.
  15. (Streamlined) a shape which reduces drag as an animal moves through the water.
  16. (Streamlined) the contour given to an object so that it can move through a liquid with minimum resistance.
  17. (streamlined) having a smooth, aerodynamically efficient shape offering minimal wind resistance; a classic example is the elongated tear drop shape.
  18. (Streamlines) are a family of curves that are instantaneously tangent to the velocity vector of the flow. These show the direction a fluid element will travel in at any point in time.
  19. (Streamlining) Making the body position as compact and hydrodynamic as possible; desirable off starts and turns because it decreases drag.
  20. (Streamlining) The refinancing of an FHA insured loan with a minimum of documentation, underwriting and costs. Eligible mortgages must be current; the refinance must result in a lower monthly principal and interest rate payment, and cannot be used for equity cash-outs. ...
  21. (Streamlining) The same as rationalisation, except it can include reducing benefits and amenities as well as people.
  22. (Streamlining) the method of aligning the body so as to reduce resistance in the water.
  23. The path an idealized particle would follow if introduced into a wind or fluid flow. For example (as an approximation to the ideal), the path a speck of dust would take in a wind.
  24. the body position that requires the arms to be stretched in front of the head with hands held tightly together.
  25. A path in a steady flow field along which a given fluid particle travels.