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strawberries, plural;
  1. A sweet soft red fruit with a seed-studded surface

  2. The low-growing plant that produces this fruit, having white flowers, lobed leaves, and runners, and found throughout north temperate regions

  3. A deep pinkish-red color

  1. sweet fleshy red fruit
  2. any of various low perennial herbs with many runners and bearing white flowers followed by edible fruits having many small achenes scattered on the surface of an enlarged red pulpy berry
  3. a soft red birthmark
  4. The garden strawberry is a common plant of the genus Fragaria cultivated worldwide for its aggregate accessory fruit, the (common) strawberry. ...
  5. Strawberry was a Canadian indie pop group formed on Prince Edward Island in 1993.
  6. This is a list of characters in Watership Down, a 1972 novel by Richard Adams. The majority also appear in the 1978 feature film adaptation and/or 1996 follow-up collection of short stories.
  7. (Strawberries (album)) Strawberries is an album by The Damned released in October 1982 on Bronze Records.
  8. (Strawberries (song)) "Strawberries" was the lead single released from Smooth's fourth and final album, Reality. The song became the most successful of Smooth's career, making it to 49 on the Billboard 200 and 17 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.
  9. (STRAWBERRIES) The more colorful the strawberry, the more nutrition. The best strawberries are the little dark ones that are raised organically since strawberries are on the "dirty dozen" list of fresh foods with high pesticide residue. ...
  10. (Strawberries) Love, romance, and lust
  11. (Strawberries) My favorite fruit and a good choice for someone who is watching their sugar intake.  That is as long as you don't drown them in sugar after they are sliced.
  12. (Strawberries) To dream of strawberries, is favorable to advancement and pleasure. You will obtain some long wished-for object. To eat them, denotes requited love. To deal in them, denotes abundant harvest and happiness.
  13. Strawberries are grown under one of two cultural systems. In the hill-row system, all runner plants are removed and fruit production is entirely from the original mother plants, which are spaced 30-35 cm apart in rows 2.7-3 m apart. ...
  14. Strawberries are richer in vitamin C than are citrus fruits. They also contain salicylic acid, which is an amazing exfoliant often found in acne preparations. Crush and mix with corn starch and apply as a masque (not for sensitive or dry skin).
  15. LSD; female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
  16. a small bubble or blister in the flood coating of gravel surfaced roof membrane.
  17. This hardy member of the rose family is a red, juicy sweet-tart berry. The French "European Alpine" strawberries are tiny, very sweet berries and are considered the finest. Eaten out-of-hand, used in wines, liqueurs, and in desserts.
  18. Specific fruit aroma descriptor, commonplace in Beaujolais and some Ports.
  19. (in  Rosales (plant order): Characteristic morphological features)
  20. Leaf type. Describes an African Violet leaf which has a shiny, stippled surface, giving it a texture similar to that of a strawberry.
  21. frutilla (Argentina), fresa (Spain, Latin America, South America)
  22. Medium-sized fruit with yellow flesh. Named for the strawberry-like flavor detected by some tasters.
  23. The juicy, usually red, fruit of certain plants in the rose family.
  24. Fruity aroma which appears in certain red or rose wines and some ports.
  25. It is the only fruit which carries the seeds on the surface. As a kitchen remedy, the strawberry removes tartar and strengthens the teeth. Medically, they are also known as an antiviral remedy. ...