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stockings, plural;
  1. A women's garment, typically made of translucent nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot and is held up by garters or an elasticized strip at the upper thigh

  2. A long sock worn by men

  3. A cylindrical bandage or other medical covering for the leg resembling a stocking, esp. an elasticized support used in the treatment of disorders of the veins

  4. A white marking of the lower part of a horse's leg, extending as far as, or just beyond, the knee or hock

  1. close-fitting hosiery to cover the foot and leg; come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural)
  2. the activity of supplying a stock of something; "he supervised the stocking of the stream with trout"
  3. (stocked) furnished with more than enough; "rivers well stocked with fish"; "a well-stocked store"
  4. A stocking, sometimes referred to as hose, is a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. Stockings vary in color, design and transparency. ...
  5. In forestry, stocking (or stand density), is a quantitative measure of the area occupied by trees, usually measured in terms of well-spaced trees or basal area per hectare, relative to an optimum or desired level of density . ...
  6. A soft garment worn on the foot and lower leg, usually knit or woven, worn under shoes or other footwear; Something like or suggesting such a garment; To dress in stockings
  7. (stockings) When a horse has white legs below the knees.
  8. (Stockings) White markings from the hock to the hoof.
  9. (Stockings) Hosiery styled from above the knee or mid-thigh to toe.
  10. (STOCKINGS) Hosiery you wear with a garter belt.
  11. (Stockings) Feathers on the legs or feet.
  12. (Stockings) Hosiery that covers from mid-thigh to the toes and are usually held up by being attached to a suspender belt or to an undergarment by straps.
  13. (Stockings) To dream of stockings, denotes that you will derive pleasure from dissolute companionship. For a young woman to see her stockings ragged, or worn, foretells that she will be guilty of unwise, if not immoral conduct. ...
  14. (Stockings) When buying a Couture Cloth nappy, items are sold as "first to checkout", not first to cart, meaning that immediate payment is required to secure your purchase. You will need to be quick to ensure that the item is not purchased by somebody else! ...
  15. (stockings) a paper tube that must be pulled at both ends and that when broken makes a sharp noise, like “crack!”. It contains a small toy.
  16. (stockings) closefitting coverings, usually knitted, for the feet and, usually, much of the legs.
  17. (Stocked) Condition of being amped, wound up or just full of enthusiasm.
  18. (Stocked) Item held in stock at depot to manage replenishment to stores
  19. The practice of releasing hatchery raised fish into ponds, reservoirs, streams or rivers. Stocking is often necessary in waters where the fishing pressure exceeds the natural fish reproduction capabilities.
  20. the persistent bark on the lower trunk of an otherwise smooth-barked tree
  21. Degree of utilization of land by trees. Measured in terms of basal area and/or the number of trees in a stand compared to the basal area and/or number of trees required to fully utilize the growth potential of the land. ...
  22. the number and density of trees in a forest stand. Stands are often classified as understocked, well-stocked or overstocked.
  23. white extending up to the cannon
  24. Adding fish to a body of water, such as a lake, pond, or stream.
  25. The number of stems or trees per hectare.