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stiffest, superlative; stiffer, comparative;
  1. Not easily bent or changed in shape; rigid
    • - a stiff black collar
    • - stiff cardboard
  2. Not moving as freely as is usual or desirable; difficult to turn or operate
    • - a stiff drawer
    • - the faucet in the shower is a little stiff
  3. (of a person or part of the body) Unable to move easily and without pain
    • - he was stiff from sitting on the desk
    • - a stiff back
  4. (of a person or their manner) Not relaxed or friendly; constrained
    • - she greeted him with stiff politeness
  5. Viscous; thick
    • - add wheat until the mixture is quite stiff
  6. Severe or strong
    • - they face stiff fines and a possible jail sentence
    • - a stiff increase in taxes
  7. (of a wind) Blowing strongly
    • - a stiff breeze stirring the lake
  8. Requiring strength or effort; difficult
    • - a long stiff climb up the bare hillside
  9. (of an alcoholic drink) Strong
    • - a stiff measure of brandy
  10. Full of
    • - the place is stiff with alarm systems
  11. Having a specified unpleasant feeling to an extreme extent
    • - she was scared stiff
    • - I was bored stiff with my project
  12. A card that is the only one of its suit in a hand
    • - two red aces and a stiff club
  1. Cheat (someone) out of something, esp. money
    • - several workers were stiffed out of their pay
  2. Fail to leave (someone) a tip

  3. Ignore deliberately; snub

  4. Fail to appear for a promised engagement or appointment
    • - he stiffed us and didn't show up
  5. Kill
    • - I want to get those pigs who stiffed your doctor
  6. Be unsuccessful
    • - as soon as he began singing about the wife and kids, his albums stiffed
  1. A dead body

  2. A boring, conventional person
    • - ordinary working stiffs in respectable offices
  3. A fellow
    • - the lucky stiff!

  1. an ordinary man; "a lucky stiff"; "a working stiff"
  2. extremely; "bored stiff"; "frightened stiff"
  3. not moving or operating freely; "a stiff hinge"
  4. powerful; "a stiff current"; "a stiff breeze"
  5. cadaver: the dead body of a human being; "the cadaver was intended for dissection"; "the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse"; "the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river"; "honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay"
  6. stiffly: in a stiff manner; "his hands lay stiffly"
  7. Stiff is a 1994 Australian crime thriller novel, written by Shane Maloney. It is the first novel in a series of crime thrillers following the character of Murray Whelan, as he investigates crimes in the Melbourne area in the course of trying to keep his job with the Australian Labour Party.
  8. Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of slang, in-references, and jargon. Much of it stems from the industry's origins in the days of carnivals and circuses, and the slang itself is often referred to as "carny talk. ...
  9. Stiffness is the resistance of an elastic body to deformation by an applied force along a given degree of freedom (DOF) when a set of loading points and boundary conditions are prescribed on the elastic body. It is an extensive material property.
  10. (The Stiffs) Dead Letter Dept., formerly known as The Stiffs, are a band from Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Rob Moir - (Guitar/vocals), Mike Leblanc - (Drums), Andrew Sparks - (Bass), Danny Complex - (Guitars). The band announced their break up on their Myspace blog in 2008. ...
  11. An average person, usually male, of no particular distinction, skill, or education, often a working stiff or lucky stiff; A person who is deceived, as a mark or pigeon in a swindle; A cadaver, a dead person; A person who leaves (especially a restaurant) without paying the bill; To fail to pay ...
  12. (stiffness) rigidity or a measure of rigidity; inflexibility or a measure of inflexibility
  13. (Stiffness) Measure of resistance of plastics to bending. It includes both plastic and elastic behavior. (ASTM D-747)
  14. (Stiffness) The relationship of load to deformation; a term often used when the relationship of stress to strain does not conform to the definition of Young's modulus.
  15. (Stiffness) The ratio of force (or torque) to deflection of a spring-like element.
  16. (Stiffness) Resistance to flexing.
  17. (Stiffness) That property of paper by which it resists deflection from an external source.
  18. (Stiffness) The resistance of a structure to deformation. Under a given load, the higher the stiffness of an implant then the smaller its deformation, the smaller the displacement of the fracture fragments and the lower the strain generated in the repair tissue. ...
  19. (Stiffness) The amount of flexibility in a coil. We can control the stiffness of the coil. To specify stiffness, indicate the distance “D” for a given height “H”.
  20. (Stiffness) The ability of a device to resist deviation due to load change.
  21. (Stiffness) This is a general term which may be applied to materials or structures. When a force is applied to a structure, there is a displacement in the direction of the force; stiffness is the ratio of the force divided by the displacement. ...
  22. (6. Stiffness) Traditionally, a stiffer frame means more power and a more flexible racket offers more control.
  23. (Stiffness) A second source of motion is elasticity in the bearing itself. For example, the balls in a ball bearing are like stiff rubber, and under load deform from round to a slightly flattened shape. The race is also elastic and develops a slight dent where the ball presses on it.
  24. (Stiffness) Ability of a material or formed part to resist deflection. All sheet steels show approximately the same stiffness; so stiffness of a part can only be changed by changing the steel thickness and the part geometry.
  25. (Stiffness) Ability of paper to resist deformation under stress and to resist bending stress. It affects how well the paper performs in transport through press and office equipment and during converting. ...