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stems, plural;
  1. Stop or restrict (the flow of something)
    • - a nurse did her best to stem the bleeding
    • - an attempt to stem the rising tide of unemployment
  2. Slide the tail of one ski or both skis outward in order to turn or slow down

  1. The main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean

  2. The stalk supporting a fruit, flower, or leaf, and attaching it to a larger branch, twig, or stalk

  3. A long and thin supportive or main section of something
    • - the main stem of the wing feathers
  4. The slender part of a wineglass between the base and the bowl

  5. The tube of a tobacco pipe

  6. A rod or cylinder in a mechanism, for example the sliding shaft of a bolt or the winding pin of a watch

  7. A vertical stroke in a letter or musical note

  8. The root or main part of a noun, adjective, or other word, to which inflections or formative elements are added

  9. The main line of descent of a family or nation
    • - the Hellenic tribes were derived from the Aryan stem
  10. The main upright timber or metal piece at the bow of a ship, to which the ship's sides are joined

  11. A pipe used for smoking crack or opium

  1. grow out of, have roots in, originate in; "The increase in the national debt stems from the last war"
  2. root: (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"
  3. cause to point inward; "stem your skis"
  4. stalk: a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
  5. shank: cylinder forming a long narrow part of something
  6. stop the flow of a liquid; "staunch the blood flow"; "stem the tide"
  7. The stem is the component on a bicycle that connects the handlebars to the steerer tube of the bicycle fork. ...
  8. In linguistics, a stem is a part of a word. The term is used with slightly different meanings.
  9. Stems can refer to two things in music, relating to music notation and production.
  10. The stem is the very most forward part of a boat or ship's bow and is an extension of the keel itself and curves up to the wale of the boat. The stem is more often found on wooden boats or ships, but not exclusively. ...
  11. The stem technique in skiing is a method for turning the skier. It is usually credited to the Austrian Mathias Zdarsky who developed it in the 1890s. Its variations gradually replaced the telemark technique in Alpine skiing.
  12. "Stem" is a song by DJ Shadow from his 1996 debut album Endtroducing......
  13. The above-ground stalk (technically axis) of a vascular plant, and certain anatomically similar, below-ground organs such as rhizomes, bulbs, tubers, and corms; A slender supporting member of an individual part of a plant such as a flower or a leaf; also, by analogue the shaft of a feather; A ...
  14. (Stems) Woody part of the grape bunch which are high in tannin. Usually removed and discarded before fermentation.
  15. (STEMS) Certain five- and six-letter combinations of letters are so useful for forming bingos that lists of bingos have been printed that use these five- and six-letter stems. Some of the more useful stems are: STARE, STANE, RETINA, SATINE, SATIRE. ...
  16. (STEMS) Generally applied to the basic cut or fundamental part of any letter. In block letter engraving, it refers to the vertical cut.
  17. (Stems) Finished edge/piece in the bow and stern ends of a canoe.
  18. (Stems) Individual elements of a mix provided separately. Voice, music, and sound effects provided as separate files instead of combined in a full mix.
  19. (Stems) Lighting accessories that are used for landscape lighting and act as a stake or rod-like base for mounting path lights.
  20. (Stems) On epiphytic species of sympodial growth the stem usually is formed by two segments. One of these segments, the rhyzome, shows reptant growth, which means it grows along the substrate. Some terrestrial orchids also have a rhyzome. ...
  21. (Stems) The pointy ends of a canoe hull. What you remove along with the sticks and seeds.
  22. (Stems) The three or more final components of a stereo film mix, usually comprising three lcrs mixes, one each of dialog, music and sound effects that, combined, make up the final mix of a film. Minimal (hopefully no) additional level changes, equalization, etc. ...
  23. Stems are in most cases the above-ground structures of plants that support the light-catching leaves in which
  24. A small shaft or rod that projects through the faucet valve and to which the handle is installed.
  25. The part that holds the handlebars. Sometimes called a "gooseneck," or "tiller."