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stood, past participle; stood, past tense; stands, 3rd person singular present; standing, present participle;
  1. Have or maintain an upright position, supported by one's feet
    • - Lionel stood in the doorway
    • - she stood still, heart hammering
  2. Rise to one's feet
    • - the two men stood up and shook hands
  3. Move to and remain in a specified position
    • - she stood aside to let them enter
  4. Place or set in an upright or specified position
    • - don't stand the plant in direct sunlight
  5. Bring (a bell) to rest in the mouth upward position ready for ringing

  6. (of an object, building, or settlement) Be situated in a particular place or position
    • - the town stood on a hill
    • - the hotel stands in three acres of gardens
  7. (of a building or other vertical structure) Remain upright and entire rather than fall into ruin or be destroyed
    • - after the heavy storms, only one house was left standing
  8. Remain valid or unaltered
    • - my decision stands
    • - his strikeout record stood for 38 years
  9. (esp. of a vehicle) Remain stationary
    • - the train now standing on track 3
  10. (of a liquid) Collect and remain motionless
    • - avoid planting in soil where water stands in winter
  11. (of food, a mixture, or liquid) Rest without disturbance, typically so as to infuse or marinate
    • - pour boiling water over the fruit and leave it to stand for 5 minutes
  12. (of a ship) Remain on a specified course
    • - the ship was standing north
  13. Be in a specified state or condition
    • - since mother's death, the house had stood empty
    • - sorry, darling—I stand corrected
  14. Adopt a particular attitude toward a matter or issue
    • - students should consider where they stand on this issue
  15. Be of a specified height
    • - Sampson was a small man, standing 5 ft. 4 in. tall
  16. Be at (a particular level or value)
    • - the budget stood at $14 million per annum
  17. Be in a situation where one is likely to do something
    • - investors stood to lose heavily
  18. Act in a specified capacity
    • - he stood watch all night
  19. (of a stallion) Be available for breeding

  20. Withstand (an experience or test) without being damaged
    • - small boats that could stand the punishment of heavy seas
  21. Be able to endure or tolerate
    • - I can't stand the way Mom talks to him
  22. Be a candidate in an election
    • - he stood for Parliament in 1968
  23. Provide (food or drink) for someone at one's own expense
    • - somebody in the bar would stand him a beer
  1. An attitude toward a particular issue; a position taken in an argument
    • - the party's tough stand on welfare
    • - his traditionalist stand
  2. A determined effort to resist or fight for something
    • - this was not the moment to make a stand for independence
    • - we have to take a stand against racism
  3. An act of holding one's ground against or halting to resist an opposing force
    • - Custer's legendary last stand
  4. A place where, or an object on which, someone or something stands, sits, or rests, in particular

  5. A large raised tiered structure for spectators, typically at a sports arena
    • - her parents watched from the stands
  6. A rack, base, or piece of furniture for holding, supporting, or displaying something
    • - a microphone stand
  7. A small stall or booth in a street, market, or public building from which goods are sold
    • - a hot-dog stand
  8. A raised platform for a band, orchestra, or speaker

  9. A witness box
    • - Sergeant Harris took the stand
  10. The place where someone typically stands or sits
    • - she took her stand in front of the desks
  11. A place where vehicles, typically taxicabs, wait for passengers

  12. A cessation from motion or progress
    • - the train drew to a stand by the signal box
  13. Each halt made on a touring theatrical production to give one or more performances

  14. A group of growing plants of a specified kind, esp. trees
    • - a stand of poplars

  1. be standing; be upright; "We had to stand for the entire performance!"
  2. base: a support or foundation; "the base of the lamp"
  3. be in some specified state or condition; "I stand corrected"
  4. the position where a thing or person stands
  5. a growth of similar plants (usually trees) in a particular area; "they cut down a stand of trees"
  6. occupy a place or location, also metaphorically; "We stand on common ground"
  7. Stand! is the fourth studio album by soul/funk band Sly & the Family Stone, released May 3, 1969 on Epic Records. Written and produced by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, Stand! was the band's breakout album.Erlewine, Stephen Thomas . . Allmusic. Retrieved on 2007-02-05. ...
  8. Stand is Michael W. Smith's twentieth album.
  9. Stand is Avalon's ninth release and their sixth studio album. Originally titled The Other Side and slated to release in September 2005, Stand was actually released on January 24, 2006. ...
  10. In the sport of cricket, two batsmen may bat in partnership, although only one is on strike at any time. ...
  11. A Stand (of drill pipe) is two or three joints of drill pipe connected together and stood in the derrick vertically, usually while tripping pipe. A stand of collars is similar, only made up of collars and a collar head. ...
  12. Fifteen years after his last record, "Always You", singer-songwriter James Ingram found himself on an independent label, Intering Records, for his fifth full-length, "Stand (In The Light)".
  13. A defensive position or effort; A resolute, unwavering position; firm opinion; action for a purpose in the face of opposition; A period of performance in a given location or venue; A device to hold something upright or aloft; The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand ...
  14. (standing) Position or reputation in society or a profession: "He does not have much of a standing as a chemist"; Duration; The act of a person who stands, or a place where someone stands; The position of a team in a league or of a player in a list: "After their last win, their standing went up ...
  15. (standing) The legal right to bring a suit before a court. To have standing, and individual must show that he or she has been harmed in a real way, not merely that he or she might be harmed in the future.
  16. (standing) The part of the line that will carry the load after a knot has been tied in it.
  17. (Standing) The legal right to bring a lawsuit. Only a person with something at stake has standing to bring a lawsuit.
  18. (Standing) A party’s right to make a legal claim or seek judicial enforcement of a duty or right.
  19. (Standing) Used in the context of general equities. Level of priority in the trading crowd.
  20. (Standing) The right to be a party to a hearing or to assert a claim. An administrative law judge might dismiss a claim based on a person having no standing if the person would not be affected by the outcome. ...
  21. Standing is the right to initiate and maintain a lawsuit. A person must have standing in order to sue someone else. ...
  22. (STANDING) A statement or declaration of what you believe in or represent (what you stand for), requiring expenditure of effort / Your standing in society / Facing a challenge; enduring or tolerating something; something that is noticeably different (stands out); being unfriendly (standoffish); ...
  23. (STANDING) The legal right to initiate a lawsuit. To do so, a person must be sufficiently affected by the matter at hand, and there must be a case or controversy that can be resolved by legal action.
  24. (STANDING) What the brass-line does at band camp. Woodwinds do not accomplish this feat due to their weak legs (in most cases). There are a few exceptions to this weakness, but they don't stand anyway.
  25. (Standing) Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution provides that federal jurisdiction is limited to “cases” and “controversies. ...