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stances, plural;
  1. The way in which someone stands, esp. when deliberately adopted (as in baseball, golf, and other sports); a person's posture
    • - she altered her stance, resting all her weight on one leg
  2. The attitude of a person or organization toward something; a standpoint
    • - the party is changing its stance on the draft
  3. A ledge or foothold on which a belay can be secured

  1. standing posture
  2. position: a rationalized mental attitude
  3. Stance is a 12" 45rpm e.p. (extended play) vinyl record by DIY home recording pioneer and one-man band R. Stevie Moore. The 3-track disc was issued by Moore's uncle Harry Palmer's H.P. Music of Verona NJ in September 1978. ...
  4. In martial arts, stances are the distribution, foot orientation and body positions (particularly the legs and torso) adopted when attacking, defending, advancing or retreating. The most widely used martial arts stance is a shallow standing squat. ...
  5. In late 1989 John Vincent met up with Matt Holmes, singer in an indie-pop outfit called The Moving Jelly Brothers. MJB had been fairly successful but were coming to the end of their useful life. ...
  6. (Stances (tae kwon do)) The Korean martial art Taekwondo has several stances used for different activities.
  7. The manner, posture, or pose in which one stands; One’s opinion or point of view
  8. (Fighting stances) wards or guards: e.g., high, middle, low, open, close, prime, seconda, terza, and guardant/hanging.
  9. (Stances) A term meaning the position your feet will be in when doing a certain move
  10. Placement of the feet in preparation for a swing
  11. Footwork used when in neutral position or when both wrestlers are facing each other, neither in control. A good stance involves feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, back straight, elbows in, hands out in front, and head up.
  12. Wrestlers begin the match in a wrestling stance. Basically there are two types of stance: a square stance, in which a wrestler’s feet are wide below the shoulders, and a stagger stance, in which one foot is place in a forward or stride position.
  13. The position of the feet and body assumed when addressing the target.
  14. foot and leg position during the performance of an exercise, particularly squats and deadlifts . This can make a great difference in the movement and the muscles targeted. ...
  15. Being in a proper stance is essential in wrestling. It most commonly applies to the neutral position, but is also applicable in the bottom and top positions.
  16. Presenting and maintaining an appropriate posture to facilitate communication (covered in Speak for Success Speech Lesson 6).
  17. There are three stances players can choose from when executing their strokes: Open, Semi-Open and Square stances.
  18. (A) As a hitter, it has to do with how and where you stand in the batter's box. In addition, and more importantly, it refers to where your hands, elbows, shoulders, bat, feet, knees, hips, and head are prior to the pitch being delivered. ...
  19. a ledge where there are anchors and where a belay can be arranged.
  20. where the highest button on a jacket hits the chest. Stances can be high or low.
  21. In a proper stance, the goaltender has the weight on the balls of his feet, the trapper and blocker just above knee-height and slightly out in front so they can be seen in the goalies peripheral vision, and the stick flat on the ice. ...
  22. A player is said to be taking his stance when he places his feet in position for and in preparation of making a stroke.
  23. Refers to a safe and comfortable foot position. There are generally two stances used when practicing casting:
  24. The position of a golfer?s feet when preparing to take a shot.
  25. The way in which your character is standing while not throwing an attack. Several characters have multiple stances, and many systems allow for branching or flowing from one stance to the next. ...