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spookier, comparative; spookiest, superlative;
  1. Sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease
    • - I bet this place is really spooky late at night
  2. (of a person or animal) Easily frightened; nervous

  1. skittish: unpredictably excitable (especially of horses)
  2. (spookily) eerily: in an unnatural eery manner; "it was eerily quiet in the chapel"
  3. Spooky is a British house/techno duo consisting of Duncan Forbes and Charlie May. They debuted with Gargantuan in 1993 after signing to Guerilla Records. ...
  4. Spooky is the debut album of British shoegazing act Lush, produced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins. The album follows the band's debut mini-album Scar, several EP releases, and the compilation album Gala. Spooky reached the British Top Ten and topped the national indie charts. ...
  5. "Spooky" was originally an instrumental song performed by saxophonist Mike Sharpe (Shapiro), written by Shapiro and Harry Middlebrooks, Jr. ...
  6. "Spooky" is a song by New Order released in 1993 and the final single from their 1993 album Republic. It would be their last single proper until 2001's "Crystal".
  7. Military slang -- Large, propeller-powered aircraft used for ground bombardment. They were also sometimes called "Puff the Magic Dragon." The first models were ancient C-47 (DC-3) cargo planes armed with side-pointing, electrically driven "gatling" mini-guns capable of firing 6,000 7. ...
  8. a large propeller-driven aircraft with a Minigun mounted in the door. Capable of firing 6,000 rounds per minute. Also used to refer to gunship helicopters with Miniguns.
  9. strange or frightening in a way that makes you think of ghosts = qui donne la chair de poule, fait froid dans le dos
  10. Something is spooky if it is mysterious, supernatural, or other-worldly. We have a view of the world full of atoms and energy, and anything that isn’t explained by physical science is going to be regarded with a skeptical attitude by philosophers.
  11. C-47 cargo plane mounted with gatling gun on either side, capable of firing hundreds of rounds per second
  12. Radio code for the AC-47 Gunship the REMF’s and Saigon reporters called "Puff" (the magic dragon)
  13. easily startled. A spooky horse is not suitable for a beginning rider of any age.
  14. shy or apprehensive; said of a dog.
  15. Shys or baulks readily/frequently.
  16. assumed evolution of Gengar
  17. Fish are considered spooky when they are exceptionally wary or cautious.