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spokespeople, plural; spokespersons, plural;
  1. A spokesman or spokeswoman (used as a neutral alternative)

  1. an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"
  2. A spokesperson or spokeswoman or spokesman is someone engaged or elected to speak on behalf of others.
  3. Person who acts as the voice of a group of people
  4. Enoch ('walked with God'), Gautama Buddha (founder of Buddhism), Zarathustra (founder of Zoroastrianism), and Hermes Trismegistus (ancient Egyptian scribe of the gods) were all messengers of the Great White Brotherhood.
  5. model chosen to explain the features of a product/service
  6. the PR person authorised to speak on behalf of an organisation/individual.
  7. A central figure in an infomercial or spot, usually a celebrity, athlete or original developer of the featured product. Spokespersons lend credibility and provide reassurance of quality by virtue of their charisma and reputation.
  8. A person who speaks publicly about a product or service on behalf of a particular client or cause.
  9. This is the person who stands behind the product or service. Often times, it’s either the founder of the company, or someone brought on board to be the face. A mainstream example of a spokesperson is Michael Jordan for Gatorade. In direct response, celebrities are rarely used as spokespeople. ...
  10. A well-known person serving as a regular advocate of specific product or cause. Skiing star Picabo Street is firmly associated with Chapstick; Candice Bergen, with Sprint.
  11. Model/Talent contracted to endorse a product or service. Usually done by a well known personality, supermodel or star.
  12. An advocate who represents an organization and its purpose.
  13. The person who delivers the message in a testimonial.