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  1. the act of specializing; making something suitable for a special purpose
  2. the special line of work you have adopted as your career; "his specialization is gastroenterology"
  3. (biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function; "cell differentiation in the developing embryo"
  4. A generalist species is able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and can make use of a variety of different resources (for example, a heterotroph with a varied diet). A specialist species can only thrive in a narrow range of environmental conditions or has a limited diet. ...
  5. Specialization is the separation of tasks within a system. In a multicellular creature, cells are specialized for functions such as bone construction or oxygen transport. In capitalist societies, individual workers specialize for functions such as building construction or gasoline transport. ...
  6. In linguistics, specialization (as defined by Paul Hopper), refers to one of the five principles by which you can detect grammaticalization while it is taking place. The other four are: layering, divergence, persistence, and de-categorialization.
  7. Specialisation, also spelt specialization, is an important way to generate propositional knowledge, by applying general knowledge, such as the theory of gravity, to specific instances, such as "when I release this apple, it will fall to the floor". Specialization is the opposite of generalization.
  8. The process of specializing
  9. (Specializations) Counter-terrorism (CT), special projects (SP), close target reconnaissance (CTR), quick reaction force (QRF), direct action, civil disturbance management (CDM), "Commando" unconventional warfare (UW), demolitions and (EOD), close quarter battles (CQB), airborne and waterborne ...
  10. (Specialized (specialist)) An organism that consumes a limited variety of food types. Opposite of generalist.
  11. (Specialized) Windows Embedded (POSReady) · Windows Preinstallation Environment · Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
  12. (Specialized) tool. These tools are rare—they are built by system developers and have their own unique user interface for using the tool. The ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension contains specialized tools.
  13. (Specialized) urticaria · erythema (multiforme · migrans · gyratum repens · annulare centrifugum · ab igne)
  14. (specialized) Anatomically or physiologically adapted for particular functions or habitats.
  15. (specialized) If you are sent to a specialized orphanage translate this word to disabled. Not all the children in these orphanages are disabled. I adopted my darling daughter Natasha from the Green Forest Special Needs Regional Baby Orphanage. My daugher had crossed eyes.
  16. (specialized) adj. 1. (of a generic function) having methods which specialize the generic function. 2. (of an array) having an actual array element type that is a proper subtype of the type t; see Section 15.1.1 (Array Elements). ...
  17. Specialized Special purpose institutions with specialized degree programs. These may include medical or health science centers and, in some instances, fine arts schools or military academies.
  18. where individuals become experts in producing certain goods or services that are then exchanged.
  19. A specialization is a sequence of courses totalling 60 or more credits. In a few cases it includes a performance requirement. In addition to courses in a particular discipline, the specialization may include courses in other closely related fields.
  20. at different scales, the concentration of effort into particular areas so that the efficiency and quality are maximized.
  21. Specialization allows multiple implementations of the same algorithm, each of which has different concept constraints. Typically, one can implement a certain baseline algorithm for a very small, widely applicable concept then implement more efficient, specialized algorithms for richer concepts. ...
  22. A way of controlling how a specific function is handled by the annotator. One specialization is to treat calls to a function with different argument types as if they were calls to different functions with identical source.
  23. the limited range of activities in which a single individual is likely to be engaged.
  24. A student's area of study including major, minor, track, or emphasis.
  25. The degree to which a particular location specializes in one type of economic activity.