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soli, plural; solos, plural;
  1. For or done by one person alone; unaccompanied
    • - a solo album
    • - she'd spent most of her life flying solo
  1. Perform something unaccompanied, in particular

  2. Perform an unaccompanied piece of music or a part or passage in one

  3. Fly an aircraft unaccompanied

  4. Undertake solo climbing

  1. A thing done by one person unaccompanied, in particular

  2. A piece of vocal or instrumental music or a dance, or a part or passage in one, for one performer

  3. An unaccompanied flight by a pilot in an aircraft

  4. A card game in which one player plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks

  1. composed or performed by a single voice or instrument; "a passage for solo clarinet"
  2. any activity that is performed alone without assistance
  3. alone: without anybody else or anything else; "the child stayed home alone"; "the pillar stood alone, supporting nothing"; "he flew solo"
  4. fly alone, without a co-pilot or passengers
  5. a musical composition for one voice or instrument (with or without accompaniment)
  6. perform a piece written for a single instrument
  7. Solo is a 1996 science fiction, action film from Columbia/Tristar Studios. It was directed by Norberto Barba, who has since primarily produced television series. The film was based on the novel Weapon by Robert Mason, and was adapted for the script by David L. Corley. ...
  8. The Sing-Off is a four-part American television singing competition featuring a cappella groups from the United States and Puerto Rico. It is produced by Sony Pictures Television and premiered on NBC on December 14, 2009.
  9. "Solo" was the Russian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. It was performed by Alsou, and was composed by Andrew Lane and Brandon Barnes.
  10. Solo is the musical outfit of Dutch musicians Michiel Flammann and Simon Gitsels. The duo released two albums, of which the latest Solopeople was the biggest success. The album released on esteemed label Excelsior Recordings spawned a Dutch top 20 hit with Come Back To Me.
  11. Solo is the debut solo album by East 17 singer Brian Harvey. The album was released in early 2002 in Japan only, although imported copies found their way to record shops in the UK. ...
  12. Solo is a Hungarian hybrid car prototype presented in summer 2008 and planned to enter mass production by 2012. It can reach 140 kilometres per hour, and consumes between 1.5 and two litres per 100 kilometres, has solar panels and foot pedals as auxiliary power sources, and can run on bio fuels. ...
  13. A piece of music for one performer; A job or performance done by one person alone; A card game similar to whist in which each player plays against the others in turn without a partner; A single shot of espresso; To perform a solo; To perform something in the absence of anyone else; Without a ...
  14. (SOLOS) This standard is assessed by using the SOLO tests, based on the KC books read together. Each site should have copies of the tests given for the books read each week. Each child must pass 3 SOLO tests with Proficiency to pass level 1. ...
  15. (Solos) A solo is a dance routine performed by 1 individual. Price listed is per individual/per routine. Solos will compete 1 time at Nationals.  Solos are offered at JAMfest Dance Super Nationals only.
  16. Your first totally unassisted flight that results in a controlled landing.
  17. After typically 12-20 hours of initial flight training, qualified student pilots are permitted to undertake some flights to build experience and confidence without a flight instructor on board. ...
  18. A single shot of espresso. Also see doppio.
  19. To perform alone or as the predominant part.
  20. To climb alone without protection.
  21. A passage in which one musician improvises new melodies, usually with the accompaniment of a rhythm section
  22. Only one person flying the plane...a 'solo flight'
  23. An event in which individual swimmers compete against one another.
  24. A bicycle for one rider, as opposed to a tandem; a normal bicycle.
  25. A card game in which one player plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks.