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snowfalls, plural;
  1. A fall of snow
    • - heavy snowfalls made travel absolutely impossible
  2. The quantity of snow falling within a given area in a given time
    • - winters with above-average snowfall

  1. snow: precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals
  2. Snowfall is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
  3. "Snowfalls" is the first single from t.A.T.u's third English album Waste Management. It is only available by digital download as it is only a promotional single. The song is the English version of "Snegopady" and was premiered on MTV Baltic channels but also on the official t.A.T. ...
  4. An instance of falling of snow; The amount of snow that falls on one occasion
  5. The total depth of daily snowfall in tenths of inches during a 24 hour period defined as midnight to midnight local standard time. Hail is included from 1989-1990.
  6. The rate at which snow falls, usually expressed in inches of snow depth over a six hour period.
  7. Snowfall to such a degree that road view is partially obstructed and/or danger of conditions worsening within the next few hours.