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snippets, plural;
  1. A small piece or brief extract
    • - snippets of information about the war

  1. snip: a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)
  2. Snippet is a programming term for a small region of re-usable source code, machine code or text. Ordinarily, these are formally-defined operative units to incorporate into larger programming modules. ...
  3. a tiny piece or part; a textfile containing a relatively small amount of code, useless by itself, along with instructions for inserting that code into a larger codebase
  4. (Snippets) Small section of a text that summarizes a search result. They are key phrases  containing query terms in matching documents.
  5. (Snippets) Before July 21 of 2011, Google would grab little excerpts of reviews and other info from third-party sites (see “IYPs,” above) and display them prominently on your Places page. ...
  6. (Snippets) The assorted bits of wool tails and trimmings that accumulate while hooking a rug. Many hookers keep a shallow dish or “snippet bowl” nearby to collect these as they are created. They look like wool confetti and some folks save them for other uses!
  7. (Snippets) brief, incomplete description of file contents included with results listed by search engines.
  8. Snippets solve the problem that often an end client wants to be able to vary an arbitrary chunk of text within the site. ...
  9. A code Snippet is an object which acts like a little library with PHP code in it. Code Snippets can be used to store useful fragments of code that don't necessarily belong to styles: classes, utility functions, html templates, style sheets, etc... Code Snippets include documentation.
  10. Snippet is the smaller text below the title in search results after you enter a search query
  11. Strings of text taken from a web page and cobined for use as a summary or description of the pages content.
  12. A segment of a document. Typically, a snippet is a set of contiguous text about the size of a paragraph and is about a single topic. Non-text items could qualify as snippets too, such as a graph, picture, or diagram.
  13. A short piece of prose, that somehow lacks the structure of a story, more a scene or a couple of scenes than something complete. Like a vignette but less finished.
  14. Name given by Google to the text under the title of a page in results of requests. It may come from the description meta, from Dmoz of from the contents of the page.
  15. The text displayed from a search query.
  16. PHP code for use in your website (can not be combined with HTML, except using the echo statement, or something like that).
  17. A Snippet is a pre-defined piece of PHP code that can be re-used later in other resources.
  18. Alien-hunter (female bad-ass)