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slips, 3rd person singular present; slipping, present participle; slipped, past tense; slipped, past participle;
  1. (of a person or animal) Slide unintentionally for a short distance, typically losing one's balance or footing
    • - I slipped on the ice
    • - he kept slipping in the mud
  2. (of a thing) Accidentally slide or move out of position or from someone's grasp
    • - the envelope slipped through Luke's fingers
    • - a wisp of hair had slipped down over her face
  3. Fail to grip or make proper contact with a surface
    • - the front wheels began to slip
    • - a badly slipping clutch
  4. Go or move quietly or quickly, without attracting notice
    • - we slipped out by a back door
  5. Pass or change to a lower, worse, or different condition, typically in a gradual or imperceptible way
    • - many people feel standards have slipped
    • - profits slipped 31 percent
  6. Be behaving in a way that is not up to one's usual level of performance
    • - you're slipping, Joe—you need a vacation
  7. (of time) Elapse
    • - the night was slipping away
  8. Put (something) in a particular place or position quietly, quickly, or stealthily
    • - she slipped the map into her pocket
    • - I slipped him a ten-spot to keep quiet
  9. Put on or take off (a garment) quickly and easily

  10. Insert a remark smoothly or adroitly into a conversation

  11. Escape or get loose from (a means of restraint)
    • - the giant balloon slipped its moorings
  12. (of a remark) Be uttered inadvertently

  13. (of a thought or fact) Fail to be remembered by (one's mind or memory); elude (one's notice)
    • - a beautiful woman's address was never likely to slip his mind
  14. Release (an animal, typically a hunting dog) from restraint

  15. Move (a stitch) to the other needle without knitting it

  16. Release (the clutch of a motor vehicle) slightly or for a moment

  17. (of an animal) Produce (dead young) prematurely; abort

  1. A creamy mixture of clay, water, and typically a pigment, used esp. for decorating earthenware

  1. faux pas: a socially awkward or tactless act
  2. steal: move stealthily; "The ship slipped away in the darkness"
  3. a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
  4. insert inconspicuously or quickly or quietly; "He slipped some money into the waiter's hand"
  5. potter's clay that is thinned and used for coating or decorating ceramics
  6. skid: move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner; "the wheels skidded against the sidewalk"
  7. The Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) is an encapsulation of the Internet Protocol designed to work over serial ports and modem connections. It is documented in RFC 1055. ...
  8. A slip is an aerodynamic state where an aircraft is moving somewhat sideways as well as forward relative to the oncoming airflow. In other words, for a conventional aircraft, the nose will not be pointing directly into the relative wind (in the side-to-side sense).
  9. Slip is the debut studio album by American post-hardcore band Quicksand, released February 9, 1993 on the Polydor label.
  10. A slip is a suspension in water of clay and/or other materials used in the production of ceramic ware. Deflocculant, such as sodium silicate, can be added to the slip to disperse the raw material particles. ...
  11. A slip is a woman's undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt to help it hang smoothly and to prevent chafing of the skin from coarse fabrics such as wool. Slips are also worn for warmth, and to protect fine fabrics from perspiration.
  12. In the sport of cricket, a slip fielder (collectively, a slip cordon or the slips) is placed behind the batsman on the off side of the field. They are placed with the aim of catching an edged ball which is beyond the wicket-keeper's reach. ...
  13. Mud, slime; In ceramics, a thin, slippery mix of clay and water; To lose one's traction on a slippery surface; to slide due to a lack of friction; To err; To pass (a note, money, etc. ...
  14. (SLIPPED) A heraldic term used in place of couped when applied to the stalks of trefoils, leaves and sprigs of foliage – see ‘couped 2)’.
  15. (Slipped) A breeding term meaning spontaneous abortion.
  16. (Slipped) Applied to a flower or branch depicted as torn from the stalk.
  17. (Slipped) In heraldry used to describe the stalk of a flower.
  18. (Slipped) pertaining to a flower, leaf or twig with stem still attached
  19. (SLIPPING) Feeling imbalanced, out of control / A mistake or oversight; forgetfulness; talking without thinking; releasing yourself from an obligation or ignoring it; letting something go, perhaps unintentionally; choosing a dangerous path; not performing as well as you are capable of
  20. (Slipping) Pin- once a string is tightened (brought up to pitch) the pin slips if it twists backwards of its own volition and the string is loosened
  21. (slipping) Same as ÇslidingÁ and usually danced sideways.
  22. (Slips) Not to be confused with real slip fielders, this position is often more for the fuller figured Casuals to stand where they feel there will be no running. Very rarely does a ball fly through this area, but when it does…….its usually dropped or missed.
  23. (Slips) Small forms requesting your name, song title and song number. Some KJs use slips to sign up singers. Check to see if the KJ prefers you to turn in one slip at a time, or if he/she permits turning in multiple slips.
  24. (Slips) The pieces of twine that project beyond the back of the volume after it is sewn.
  25. (slips) Strips of thin vellum used as sewing supports. Often visible on the front covers of vellum bindings.